Avocado is a kind of food item that is of great interest. But there are lots of controversies surrounding avocado. Some people believe that it is a vegetable while others considered it as fruit. Avocado is of green color with pear shape. It is a bit classified as fruit but actually very delicious. It comprises of lots of health advantages. Here are the ten incredible facts about avocado;

10 Incredible Facts About Avocados 

1. It Has Been In Existence For Over 1000 Decades

For over 1000 decades, avocado has been found as a very edible fruit. It originated form America but first discovered in Puebla in Mexico almost 1000 decades ago. Avocado is popularly planted in Mexico and America, hardly would you find any garden without avocado trees. One awesome fact about avocado is that it has spiritual importance for Mayan and Aztec societies who believe that it offers great strength.

2. Rich In Fiber

Avocado is richly blessed with fiber. Just one medium size of avocado contains 10g of fiber. It is made up of soluble and insoluble fiber. Out of the entire fiber, almost 75 percent is insoluble. It stimulates the food passage in the body while 25 percent is soluble fiber as it makes one feel as if full.

3. They Are Known As Super Food

This fruit is power-packed and rich in essential vitamins. They are real super food in which just single serving of 100g is made up of the following nutrients:

  • 20% of RDA – Folate
  • 14% of RDA – potassium
  • 13% of the RDA – vitamin B6
  • 14% of the RDA – vitamin B5
  • 10% of the RDA – vitamin E
  • 17% of the RDA – vitamin C
  • 26% of the RDA – vitamin K

Aside the above nutrients, avocados have little quantities of magnesium, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, zinc, copper, iron and phosphorus.

4. Highly Rich More Than Banana In Potassium

Many people believed that bananas are the richest and best source of potassium but based on research studies, avocados are made up of more potassium when compared with bananas. 100g serving of banana is just 10% of the RDA while that of avocados is 14% of the RDA. Potassium assists in blood pressure monitoring and very vital for our health.

5. Reduce The Bad Cholesterol Levels

Monosaturated fats are very common in avocados and they are very good for heart. These fats enhancing the improvement of the HDL cholesterol levels and reduce the LDL levels of cholesterol.

6. Helps To Protect Eyes

Avocados are made up of strong oxidants which assist in the eyes’ protection. They also comprise of the nutrients such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin. These two nutrients are very perfect for the eyes. As a result of these two nutrients, the macular degeneration risk and that of cataracts reduce drastically if rightful quantities are taken.

7. Anti-Aging Properties With Other Dermatological Advantages

We spend a lot of money on anti-aging cream, treatments and therapies rather than using the natural means; adding avocados to our food. There are wonderful properties of anti-aging in avocados because they are highly rich in minerals, vitamins, healthy fats and some other healthy nutrients. This fruit help in arresting the process of aging and maintain younger look. Other benefits include, inducing of DNA repair, reversing the damaged skin occurrence as a result of harmful ultra violet rays. Therefore, you do not have to spend lots of bucks on costly creams, treatments or lotions. Just eat many avocados and restore smooth, flawless, shiny and younger look of your skin.

8. Reducing Susceptibility Of Various Kinds Of Cancers

Other advantages of avocados include minimizing the risk of various kinds of cancers. Recently, research studies have shown that carotenoids that are rich in antioxidants contain anti-cancerous actions. Also, they help in preventing oral, gastric, breast and prostate cancer. If carotenoids are paired with avocados which are very rich in fats, cancer level will be absolutely minimized.

9. Ideal In Osteoarthritis

Avocados assist in easing pain and damage as a result of arthritis. The treatment is highly effective against osteoarthritis because it aids in resolving symptoms. By eating avocados regularly you won’t need to take anti-inflammatory drugs

10. Treatment Of Psoriasis

Are you tired of taking drugs and lotions because of psoriasis? Are you yet to find another solace? Give avocado a try! Take avocados in large quantity. Topically, a cream that contain vitamin B12 with avocado oil enhance the treatment of psoriasis. The amazing thing about the cream is that it has no side effect. The most economical and cheapest way of treating psoriasis is to use avocado.

Now that you fully have the understanding of what you can benefit from avocados, it is time to add it to your daily diet and see the wonders in avocados.

Health is Wealth!
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