10 Ways To Manage/Stop Smelly Feet.

On a daily basis, people sweats on different parts of the body such as the underarm, neck, forehead, skin, chest, face, and the feet . These body parts experience sweats more often than every other parts of the human body. The feet alone has more than 250,000 sweat glands out of the total 5 million sweat glands which are present in the human body.

This makes the feet more prone to sweat and smell. Most times, sweats are caused mostly by sunny weather, heat, anxiety, level of salt intake etc. More so, Smelly feet can be caused by tight shoes, wet shoes, sweaty socks and even stress. This can also be as a result of certain hormonal changes such as in pregnant women and adolescents. Foot odour can be very uncomfortable and can cause worry. Fortunately, there are ways by which one can get rid of foot smell.

Below are 10 ways to stop smelly feet;

1. Wash And Dry Your Feet
Use antibacterial soaps and clean water to wash your feet at least once daily. Make sure to clean between the toes too. After washing, ensure to pat the feet dry and get rid of all moisture.

2. Wash And Dry Your Shoes
To keep feet smelling nice, you need to wash your foot-wears. Shoes are to be washed either with a detergent or a disinfectant. They are to be left to dry completely for a couple of hours. This is because wet shoes provide a suitable ground for bacteria to build up.

3. Wash And Dry Your Socks
Clean socks also means clean feet. You should wash your socks daily and allow them to dry. You should avoid wearing the same sweaty socks again the next day. Have a couple of pairs so you can change with ease.

4. Use A Feet Spray Or Antiperspirant
There are available products which help combat smelly feet. These are feet deodorants and antiperspirants. You can also use your underarm deodorant for the feet. Using these products can help stop smelly feet and reduce sweats.

5. Use Natural Astringent
Astringent help to close pores and tighten the skin. Examples of these natural astringent are lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, alcohol wipes and black or sage tea. These astringent can help you reduce sweat and keep fungi away.

6. Eat Healthy And Exercise Regularly
To reduce sweat overall, make sure to maintain a healthy diet and also take a lot of water too. Try to do away with processed or fatty foods and also reduce your caffeine intake. You may also need to work on your emotion, physical and mental stress through regular workouts.

7. Put Foot Powder In Your Shoes
You can rub foot powder on your feet and in your shoes. Most foot powders are anti-fungal but, you can also use a medicated powder. This will go a long way in controlling foot smell and stop excess sweat on the feet.

8. Cut Your Toenails
There are some smells which are caused by dirty toenails. These dirt help bacteria to grow right under the nails. The best way to get rid of them is by cutting them regularly. You can also use pumice or feet sponge to scrub the hardened soles.

9. Wear The Right Socks And Shoes
When choosing the right shoes, try to select the ones that allows air. Wear footwear that lets your feet breathe without any hassle. Also, stick to socks that are made of cotton or wool. Do not wear tight shoes or tight socks.

10. Exfoliate Your Feet
Exfoliation is the act of removing the dead skin cells on the feet. This can be likened to pedicure, which is mostly done by females. However, a simple exfoliating process can be done by using a brush or towel and a sanitizer or antiseptic.


With the aforementioned tips, you can treat and prevent stinky or smelly feet. Endeavor to smell good, feel good and be happy.

Health is Wealth!
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