The hairs on our bodies are naturally present from birth starting from the hairs on our heads. While we go through the various processes of puberty we develop hairs on the pubic areas and our armpits. For some guys, the hairs grow on their thoracic region (the chest, for a lay man) and even the abdomen. The hairs also grow on their chin and cheeks. So many people do not know the importance of having hairs on our bodies. Here are a list of some of the functions of the hairs on our bodies:

1. Temperature regulation

The normal physiology of body temperature regulation includes mechanisms, one of which the hair has a role to play. In the aspect of the hair, when the body is hot, the hair follicles relax and the hairs lie flat. This prevents heat to be trapped between the hairs, rather air flow is increased and heat is lost. When the body is cold, the hairs stand erect thereby trapping heat around them, this prevents heat loss.

2. Protection

The hairs on the nose, ear canal protect the body from germs that are trapped in dust. They trap these particles and prevent them from entering into the body. When the hairs are totally shaved off, we predispose ourselves to skin infection. Again, the hairs on our limbs (arms and legs) protect us from fungal infections. There are other functions of body hairs. The most important knowledge to be grabbed however, is the need to avoid total and reckless scraping of the hairs on our skins. Here is why:

1. People, especially ladies that shave the hairs on their limbs are highly predisposed to a fungal infection called Tinea corporis. This fungal disease is also known as ring worm. It occurs on the skin, especially a hairless (glabrous) skin. A hairless skin is also susceptible to many other skin diseases.

2. There is an infection called folliculitis. This occurs when the Staphylococcus aureus that is normally harmless on the skin gains access into the body through a breached skin. This is characterized by small bumps on the faces of males that shave their beards.

3. Being hairless is dangerous if you are cold intolerant. This is because the normal hair function during cold temperature regulation is lost. The trapping of heat is lost and the regulation of cold is impaired which is bad for the body.

This however, is not an advocacy to keep bushy, dirty hairs. This is because hairs, when they are plenty, tangle and the ones that tangle may have trapped germs with them and those germs remain and increase in number. On the head, for example, this could predispose to Tinea capitis, dandruff, etc. This could happen on every other part of the skin.

Therefore, we should learn to do these by the following ways:

1. Thorough washing of the hairs with clean water and soap, also use disinfectant.

2. Avoiding rigorous and unnecessary shaving of the body hairs to prevent entrance of opportunistic infections. Slightly shaving the hairs to keep them neat and straightened. This prevents both the disadvantage of keeping bushy hair and the disadvantage of recklessly scraping the body hairs.

3. Combing: this straightens the hair and prevents it from tangling.

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