Our health is entitled to a good living and we need to have 100% care for it, so as to live long and also to enjoy life. The body itself needs rest, no part of the body is left out. When do we rest? When we are not involved in any stressful activity, we might be on bed or in a sitting position but at that moment the body is free of any work or exercise. And when we are sleeping also that is the best rest a living being can observe. When we sleep, we don’t feel anything, we are free from any stress and our body is calm and clean. Inability to sleep is called Insomnia.

Insomnia is having difficulties to attain proper sleep, when one finds it hard to sleep, when one can not sleep at all or one wakes up at night and could not go back to sleep. Insomnia is an illness that affects the whole body because someone who has insomnia will be weak almost at all time because he or she is mostly awake and only has little time to sleep each day and it can lead to a serious sickness if not well treated on time. The causes of insomnia depends on the individual and the environment we live in. If the environment we live in is a noisy one, we won’t be able to sleep and if we suddenly change our environment then it can affect our sleeping order. For those who sleep late, engaging themselves with the mobile internet browsing by the time they stop this and wish to sleep early enough, it will be a problem for them because their body is used to sleeping late.

Also, for those who wake up at night and can not go back to sleep, it is because their mind is troubled or they are afraid of the dark. As we age, this disorder grows and if not treated on time, it will cause the body to be super weak and tired, when this happens, one will be depressed, aggressive, sometimes the person experiences mood-swings often time because the body is not at peace. The brain doesn’t get to rest as long as adequate sleep becomes inaccessible.

2 Ways To Overcome Insomnia

 1. Seek medical attention
2. Self service: If the self service way is not working in correcting insomnia then seek medical attention for proper            medical checking. Meanwhile, you can overcome insomnia through the following ways;

 . Reading books or listening to music till you fall asleep.
. Stay off noisy environments or change your location and focus more on sleeping.
. Exercise the body thoroughly during the day, after that, take a cold shower before going to bed.
 . Listen to stories (that normally works on children).

    If none of these works out, then the condition of the person is critical and should seek medical attention.

Insomnia is not just a sickness but a killing disease that kills slowly and gently without the knowledge of the affected person’s. The body is not a machine so we should make sure we try to rest and let our body relax then we will be active and able to function properly.

Health is Wealth!
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