Ways To Be Mentally Healthy;

Maintaining a good physical health condition is largely dependent upon what we take into our body system. As a result, individuals who regularly feed on junks will eventually suffer some sort of health damage. This same principle, unsurprisingly also applies to our mental health.

The things we take or consume with our minds could be regarded as mental food. Mental food? Yes, information’s we take from the web, television programs, books, magazines, videos, video games, and the music we listen to can affect our thoughts, actions and generally our way of life. Why?

For example, images, sounds, values and ideas propagated through the media has a significant influence on the way we live. These images do not just merely keep us entertained, they become what we think about, feel, and imagine.

Knowingly or unknowingly our thoughts and feelings can be subtly influenced by what we feed ourselves, remember? Mental food. And this is where the danger lies. When you feed on too much junk mental food, the result could and would be negative.


What You Can Do 

        1. Choose Your Entertainment Wisely

Entertainment is a key part of human living, it is a necessity for all and could be used as a tool to better our health, it comes with various health benefit. But like many other tools, if not used wisely it could result to damaging Consequences. For example, how much time do you spend watching television programs? What are the contents of what you watch, listen to, and read?

Whatever form of entertainment we choose, it is best to put into consideration how much time will be spent on it, and how much time is left for self-value addition. Always make sure of the more important things. Do not feed yourself with trash, be mindful of the moral values your choice of entertainment will feed you.

        2. Have A Sense Of Purpose

A general sense of purpose as to what you want out of life, what you need to accomplish, plays an important role in keeping you mentally healthy. This is because we therefore posses some sort of direction in our life’s, keeping us focused and goal oriented.

You may want to ask yourself

  • What are the things I MUST accomplish before I die?
  • What’s the one thing I have always wanted to do, but have never done?

These self-searching questions will help you to evaluate yourself. Remember, thinking is not enough you must get physically involved.

        3. Set Goals And Reach Goals

Setting and reaching goals will bring you more confidence, happiness, and friends. No doubt, when you reach your goals you feel more confident facing your day to day challenges, you feel a sense of accomplishment that makes you happy, and people enjoy being around those who are goal oriented this means you may have more friends if you choose to.


How Can I Set And Reach Goals?

PEA is the word,

P– Plan your goals: Jot down as many goals that comes to your mind, have fun doing it.

E– Evaluate your goals: Figure out which goal means the most to you, then priorities.

A– Act quickly, act now: Do not hesitate on working on your set goals, say no to procrastination.

Remember, what you feed your thought is who you are on the outside. Do things that will benefit your mental health, be mindful of junk mental food.

Health is Wealth!
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