Ewedu leaf is botanically referred to as Corchorus olitorius but the Yorubas call it ‘Ewedu’ while the Igbos and Hausas call it Achingbara and Rama respectively. This leaf is an edible vegetable used in preparing delicious and slimy soup, every child and adult loves to complements their stodge meals with it.

However, ewedu leaves are known as Jute leaves in English language and are highly rich in vitamins, minerals, folate, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, fibers, proteins, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, antioxidants and iron. All these nutrients enhance our bodies in combating diseases and at the same time maintain a sound healthy status.

Research studies has revealed that the jute leaf has different species that contain antioxidants and vitamins which are of inestimable nutritional and also therapeutic value to the entire body system. All the vitamins are very essential in protecting the body from any form of chronic disease such as cancer.

Jute Nutrients

– Thiamine (-.02mg)
– Iron (1mg)
– Beta-carotene (1,334 IU)
– Phosphorus (22mg)
– Calcium (87mg)
– Protein (1.3 gr)
– Fiber (0.4gr)
– Carbohydrate (3.1 gr)
– Fat (0.3 gr)
– Calories (20)
– Riboflavin (0.04mg)
– Vitamin E (48.9IU)
– Vitamin C (10mg)
– Niacin (0.3mg)

Initially, people did not eat jute leaves, its fiber and trunk were used in making certain products. This is because people knew nothing about the advantages of eating it. These days, it has increased in popularity as people begin to eat it because of it’s medical and beauty benefits. The advantages of consuming jute leaves for health purposes has been scientifically proven.

Below Are 25 Health Benefits And Facts About Jute (ewedu) Leaves.

1. The vitamins E, C and A in jute leaves are the major factors that protect the body from diseases.
2. Jute leaves have skin beautifying agents that enhances increase in collagen production so as to keep the skin beautiful and firm.
3. Jute is a good source of fiber that helps in dealing with weight management. Besides, it also promotes the health status of the intestine through bowel movement.
4. The leaves enhances the immune system and also nourish our body systems.
5. Ewedu leaves are frequently used to ease stomach conditions such as constipation and dysentery.
6. It reduces cholesterol and blood pressure.
7. It is very ideal for both diabetes and the heart.
8. Jute leaves are highly rich in beta-carotene for good eye vision
9. High content of calcium for healthy teeth and bones.
10. It helps to controls infections such as gonorrhea
11. Enhances easy child delivery in pregnant women
12. Jute leaves are laxatives and blood purifiers
13. The leaves help in boosting fertility and increases libido
14. It comprises of anti-aging properties which helps to keep skin radiant and smooth.
15. The antioxidants in jute leaves helps to prevent the side effects of the free radicals most especially on the skin. Anybody that does not have suitable levels of antioxidant could have a major health challenge such as skin cancer which occur as a result of uncontrolled oxidation processes from the free radicals.
16. Eating jute leaves help to prevent acne. Acne usually occur as a result of bacterial build-up, oily skin and dirt. With ewedu leaves consumption, sebum substances are produced in the body to prevent the occurrence of acne and clogged pores.
17. The essential fatty acids in ewedu are helpful in lowering problems of the prostate and protects men from infertility dangers.
18. Jute leaves help to lower interference in the woman’s menstrual cycle.
19. It is highly beneficial to hair health
20. It is effective in maintaining the brain’s health, nerve impulse and in the treatment of nerve tingling.
21. It is highly recommended for growing children so as to boost their brain power.
22. This is very helpful for those that want to lose weight.
23. Ewedu leaves help you overcome asthma problems due to the fact that it has content good for asthma relieve. The aromatherapy in ewedu is ideal in the treatment of asthma
24. Reduces the risk of cataracts and some other eye disorders
25. Boost the regeneration of the cells in your body.

Health is Wealth!
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