It is very important to know how to prevent certain occurrences in life before it happens.  Our health care matters most, hence, cannot be toiled with. Catching the flu virus or common cold could destabilize us. With being busy all day, the last thing one needs is to be down and out as a result of illness. With few safety precautions, one can put in his/her best to avoid these conditions. One might not be able stop them completely from tampering with one’s health but we can easily avoid many occurrences if we apply these tips.

Below are four tips which can be very helpful in keeping ourselves cold free;

1. Always Wash The Hands At All Times

First and foremost, it is important to make sure that you wash your hands with soap and that they remain clean every day. We come in contact daily with different people, items we handle, food, handshakes, money as well as visit public spaces like grocery stores, shopping malls and other areas with high traffic.

Along the line, one might have touched something that might have been contaminated by bugs or bacteria, washing the hands regularly with soap helps to keep us safe from germs. Hence, it is pertinent that you wash your hands with soap and let it lather long enough to kill any bacteria.

2. Try To Avoid Always Touching The Face

It is very essential to avoid having face contact i.e, you must always put your hands off your face. Do not touch your face unless it is absolutely necessary and that should only be after you must have washed your hands. If you touch your mouth, or very close to your eyes or near your nose, with filthy or germ infested hands, you are creating the perfect means of transferring germs to those areas. All these areas are the major interest of bacteria and germs and they love to grow and replicate themselves there. By so doing, one is building up sickness and diseases in the body most especially if the immune system is weak.

3. Vegetables And Fruits

One of the best diets you can be on so as to avoid being sick is to eat lots of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. All these foods are filled with antioxidants and will aid your immunity strength. Therefore, anytime you eventually come across various bacteria or viruses, you have full assurances that you are secure as you fend them off your system. Concentrate on those brightly colored fresh vegetables and fruits because they have on offer the required levels of Vitamin C the body requires.

3. Consume More Garlic

Focus on more consumption of garlic because garlic has been confirmed to assist in immunity strengthening, it boosts and makes stronger the immune system. Also, it aids in the improvement of the health status of the heart. Therefore, it is less likely that you will become run down by germs if this kind of vegetable is in your diet.

If you are able to follow through on all these tips, then you are sure of beating the flu virus or common cold.


Health is Wealth!
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