This is said to be a metabolic disorder caused either by the inability of the body cells to make use of the available insulin (the digestive hormones produced by the beta cells of the islets of the pancreas that regulates the metabolism of carbohydrate, glucose etc by absorbing it from the blood into the liver and other tissues where it is converted into glycogen) in the body or the deficiency of insulin. And when it comes to diabetes the organ of utmost concern is Pancreas.

The Pancreas is an organ that excretes insulin hormone and pancreatic fluid that consists of enzymes involved in the digestion of food substance.

The Main Causes Of Diabetes Includes:

  • The presence of Autoantibodies (Damaging immune system cells): This is an antibody produced by the immune system which is supposed to fight harmful bacteria and viruses attacks the insulin producing cell in the pancreas and destroys them and this leads to sugar buildup in the bloodstream.
  • When your cells become resistant to insulin and the pancreas is not producing enough to counter this resistance, in order words there is insulin in the body but the body cannot make use of the available insulin in the body. Hence, instead of glucose been moved to the tissues where it’s needed for energy, there is build up of sugar in the bloodstream.
  • In case of pregnancy, hormones are produced by the placenta to sustain pregnancy and this makes the cells resistant to insulin.

These Causes Can Be Due To Various Factors, Some Of Which Include:

1. Heredity

It is widely believed that this plays an important role in the spread of diabetes. Though there is yet to be an explanation of how this happens. Despite the fact that diabetes tends to exist in a family does not imply the fact that everyone born in the family will develop the disease neither does it mean that those who do not belong to the family will never get the illness. Therefore, it is good to know that in families where diabetes tends to run there is tendency to develop the disease but if proper precautions are taken they may not develop it.

2. Wrong Medication

Due to self-medications, people tend to get whatever drugs they want and the long-term use of the drugs can damage the pancreas and this in turns leads to diabetes due to the insufficient production of insulin.

3. Lifestyle

The wrong lifestyle most of the time is one of the major causes of diseases in general. In this case, things like drinking beers, caffeine-based products, taking of white sugar and its products such as cakes, ice-cream, chocolate etc can increase the risk of contacting the disease. Hence, we should learn the proper combination of foods to remain healthy living.

4. Overweight

About 65 -90% of people with diabetes are overweight. High intake of heavy calorie foods and protein tend to lead to overweight and this is said to occur when there is no balance between the intake of foods and the digestion and utility of the food. Thereby, leading to extra calories stored in the body system and this in turn leads to the various tissues overworking itself thereby leading to breakdown of this vital organs. Also, late night eating can lead to overweight.

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