Both man and his penis are best of friends. This is the reason why every man usually experience dry skin on the shaft of his penis. This dryness makes man feel too much uncomfortable thereby making him anxiously worried about why his penile shaft has to gonzo on him. Alas! The reason is that majority of the causes of this dryness are not harmful and can be easily corrected even though it can take some days. After restoring your penile shaft skin, the skin becomes lissome and flaccid again. The few hints below will be helpful;

Before thinking of how to restore your penile shaft skin into normal, it is very important to know the symptoms of dry penile shaft.


  • Dry skin
  • Flaky
  • Cracking and peeling of penile skin
  • Rough appearance
  • Loss of sensation
  • Painful when it touches anything
  • Darkening and redness of the penile skin

Causes And Remedies

1. Wearing Extremely Tight Underwear

Wearing of too tight underwear, pants or shorts could be irritating to the skin of the penile shaft thereby resulting in rough and dry penile shaft.


Loosen up your underwear, shorts or pants. Take advantage of the European fit for benefit from straight leg and provide your best friend (penis) enough space for breathing and resort. By so doing, it will minimize friction and also sustain the airy region that keeps your penile dry and cool.

2. Axe Effect

This is also referred to as harsh perfumed cleansers. At times, smacking of 6-layer Drakkar Noir deep is not a good idea.


Avoid the commercial promising perfume of men that are claiming attractive smell of body washes, but rather take advantage of the usage of natural and gentle body wash most especially those conducive to the skin of your penis. Make sure you read through the labels and abstain from the use of harsh soaps that are made up of sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS), triclosan, polypropylene and lye.

3. Allergic Reaction

Some allergies such as spermicide, lotions, fabrics, condoms, other personal care products or washing detergents are known to bring about dryness to penile shaft skin. Related symptoms of allergic reactions include runny nose, sneeze, watery eyes and wheezing.


Pop out a Benadryl and wash the particular area with tepid water. Then, apply topical cream for instant relieve.

4. Candida Suspected

Candida is also referred to as yeast infections. This can also cause chronic rash, swollen round the penile head, thick offensive discharge under the foreskin and as well as white skin patches.


Abstain from s3x at this period because urinating could be painful. Apply OTC anti-fungal cream purchased from the pharmacist, apply to the affected part until the entire symptoms disappears. Make sure that there is no activity taking place from the area until the disappearance of the infection.

5. When Dry During Prolonged S3x

Prolonged [email protected] intercourse without adequate lubrication could cause severe friction burn leading to dryness of penis skin.


Apply lube. If you actually want to get back to good, abstain from s3x and apply moisturizer that is specially recommended by a qualified healthcare professional on your penis. This moisturizer consists of emollients such as Shea butter, vitamin E which help to calm the skin of your dry penile and restore its good look. Some other vitamins in the moisturizer include vitamin D, A & C. these vitamins help to soften the penile skin and rejuvenate so that the dry skin restore to normal faster than expected. Every man must ensure that all the five steps stated above are added to their daily hygiene routine.

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