In this century, it’s unfortunate knowing that some people still discriminate persons with Mental Health challenges. This can grow a negative effect on the affected persons as they will start insinuating they are suffering from something abnormal.

A survey estimated that one in five people around the world suffers from Mental illness. But only 40 per cent seek medical treatment. The primary reason for that is people reacting to their decision. With the growing number of mental health patients, people need to start treating Mental Health like Physical Health, here are a few more reasons.

1. Mental Health Is Important

Many of us often forget that the brain is a very important part of our body. For our body to perform without any hassle, we need to keep our brain in good shape. It is essential that we take care of our mental health regularly. Take daily measure and routine checks. Consult your doctor and take medications if prescribed by the doctor. Mental health is essential for our smooth body function just like the physical health.

2. Development To Enhance The Treatment Process

The human brain has been under study a very long time but still, there are so many things we aren’t cleared about. Hence the treatment is as developed as it is for other diseases. Since mental diseases isn’t a big issue for a majority of people around the globe. People don’t recognize how deadly mental illness can be and there isn’t much money in the development of enhancing the treatment process to reduce the growing number of mental patients every day.

3. Complicated But Necessary Treatment

Most commoners are naive about mental illness. This has caused some dis-parting among doctors and how they treat patients with mental illness. Due to how some people often believe that medical doctors often waste time on treatments. Diseases such as depression and stress are false created by people individually and can be dealt with individually i.e by oneself. But this is clearly untrue as researchers show that illness like stress and depression leads to more suicide than any other. Hence we must admit that mental treatment is necessary.

4. Admitting The Mental Health Issue

One of the first steps to treat mental illness is for the patient to accept the fact that they’re ill, but a patient can’t do that If he is not getting support from family and friends. So the patient acquaintance needs to admit to the fact that mental illness is the same as physical illness. If patient didn’t comprehend the treatment he wouldn’t be able to get well soon enough. Hence they continue to live with it. As a relative of any mentally ill person, we must make sure they have access to treatments.

5. Mental Illness Is Normal

Another misconception which people have is that they think “if you have mental illness then you should be mentally/physically weak. But it’s not a valid argument, someone can be mentally ill yet goes to work or perform day to day activities. This is similar to a person having fever and still going to his office. Just like physical illness, mental illness can be treated as well. Hence,  it is important to treat mental health just like physical health.

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