The wrist is that part of the human body that connects the arm with the hand. It is another very important part of the human anatomy. It is that area of the body that is involved in most of the activities we engage in every day, without really knowing or paying attention to how much it really assists us in getting things done. Indeed, it doesn’t matter the environment we find ourselves, whether at home, at the shop, at work, in the playground, etc. our wrist plays an integral role in our everyday life.

Due to its constant use, it is no surprise that the wrist is often injured most of the time. Trust me, you really don’t want to have an injured wrist. You will hardly be able to carry out even the simplest task like holding your hot mug of tea. It can be so painful and uncomfortable.

A few common causes of wrist injuries include:

a. The instinctive use of the hand as the first point of defense. This usually happens when we mistakenly trip, or fall. This can suddenly put a lot of weight on the wrist and easily cause some serious injury. Of course, using the wrist in this manner is entirely reflex and a natural reaction. However, it can cause damages like, breaking of the bones within the wrist, sprains, and damages on the ligaments. A few factors will determine how serious the injury can be. Examples include; how strong your bones are, the position of your wrist when the situation occurred, the degree of force on the wrist, etc.

b. Twisting of the wrist. This can occur due to an accident or some kind of sport activity that went wrong, e.g. wrestling. This can break the bones in the wrists, tear the ligament, or cause a sprain.

c. Repetitive movements. This can easily cause a common form of wrist injury generally known as Repetitive Strain injury (RSI). This describes the pains usually felt in the tendons, nerves, and muscles within the wrist caused by various types of repetitive movements and overuse of the wrists. It can happen to a wide range of people doing different kinds of work or activity every day. Supermarket attendants, the porter, factory line workers, office workers, artisans, etc. who engage their wrists in the same repetitive movement and overuse every day, are just a few examples.

5 Tips to Having a Healthy Wrist.

Let us take a look at some important tips that will help keep your wrists in a healthy condition.

1.Take a Break.

Once in a while, try to take a short break from whatever movement or activity you are engaged in that involves your wrist. This will help to relieve any pressure around the wrist, and give it some time to relax a bit.

2.Pay Attention.

This is very important. Be very conscious of your repetitive movements and how your wrists are positioned and affected by these movements. Always reposition your wrists if necessary to avoid stressing them or eventually getting them hurt.

  1. Simple Wrist Exercises.

Tone the muscles around your wrists to help them be more supportive and protective. Stretch your fingers and make them into a fist again repeatedly for at least ten to fifteen times once in a while every day. You can also have a stress ball or tennis ball that fits nicely in your hands and squeeze it at regular intervals to keep your wrists in great shape.

  1. Massage is Good.

This will help to relax tensed up muscles and joints. Massage around the neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, and of course the wrist will help improve flexibility and lower the risk of injuries.

  1. Drink More Water.

Nothing can really substitute clean drinking water in the body, and its positive effect on joints. It keeps them well lubricated. Increase your daily intake of water, and your body will thank you for it.

It goes without saying that everyone needs their wrist to be in good, functional condition to be very productive daily. Do not take it for granted. Learn to take proper care of your wrists and live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.


Health is Wealth!
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