The eye is the organ for sight in the human body and it plays a very important role in our health. It is not just an organ for seeing, it also helps us to escape danger when stimulated. The eyebrow and eyelashes help to filter dust particles and prevent germs from entering the eye. The eye is a delicate and sensitive organ and can react when stimulated with sharp objects, smoke or evening pointing light at it. The eye is made up of two sensory cells called CONES and RODS which helps the eyes to function in the day and also at night. The sensory cells are also pigmented which results in some persons having blue, black, red, green or even brown eyes. A brief explanation of how the eyes function is; when an image is registered in the retina, it is carried from there to the optic nerves of the brain for interpretation.

Maintaining a healthy eyesight is paramount because of the various diseases that it is affected by. The National Eye Institute has said that various eye defects like macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and glaucoma will be double by 2050.

You and I will agree that as we grow old, our sight degenerates and as a result, we need to work on our vision, protect our sight and prevent any diseases that can affect the overall health of the eyes.

5 Tips For Healthy Eye

1. Regular Eye Examination

To maintain a healthy eye, you need to regularly visit the hospital to conduct an eye test. An optician will observe your eyes and prescribe treatment if any because your eyes might not be a hundred percent. An eye test will not only reveal whether you require eyeglasses but also to detect any eye defect on time so that immediate treatment can commence. During the eye test, the eye specialist will introduce eye drops into the eyes so that they can widen and also to dilate the pupil. When the eye is dilated, the eye specialist will view the pupil, macula and optic nerve to identify signs of damage and diseases.

2. Consume Healthy Vision Foods

There are foods that keep the eye healthy and also allows it function properly. Foods like dark green vegetables e.g broccoli, carrots, spinach, oranges, grapes, eggs, are good for the health of the eyes as they contain antioxidants that help prevent the eye from cataracts. Also consuming fish like salmon, sardines help to supply the eye with Vitamin A and omega 3 fatty acid which prevents ocular surface inflammation and irritation and also helps the cells of the eyes survive any injury.

3. Keep Your Weight Under Check

When you are obese, it puts you at the risk of becoming diabetic which can eventually affect your sense of sight. In order to avoid this, it is imperative to keep your weight under check by eating healthy foods and engaging in exercises in order to prevent you from developing eye problems. A research carried out by the University of Melbourne Australia and Leeds Becket shows that; reducing weight can help restore the eyes from damage caused by obesity, diabetics, and high blood pressure.

4. Put On Sunglasses Outdoor

Apart from the fact that sunglasses are fashion accessories, their major function is to help prevent the eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun which can damage it. So, whenever you want to go out for a picnic with friends, or going for mountain climbing, or going to watch soccer with friends, you are advised to put on sunglasses to protect your eyes.

5. Rest The Eyes

The eyes require rest especially when you must have engaged it on the computer screen for a long stretch of time as this leads to eye fatigue. As a result, the National Eye Institute recommends you implement the 20, 20, 20 ideology which mean; spending 20 minutes on the screen and 20 seconds to look around at other things that are 20 feet in front of you to avoid straining the eye.
So, if you must look at something on the computer screen, it is advisable you put on protective eyeglasses that will help prevent the rays emanating from the screen from coming in contact with the eyes.

Health is Wealth!
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