A lot of our Nigerian foods are filled with a lot of calories that cause us to gain weight so if you want a flat stomach and also want to lose weight at the same time, you need to stick to a special diet in order to burn all this fat away. Apart from the diet, there are also certain things you must stop yourself from taking completely or reduce your intake. These include alcohol, junk food and tobacco. Depending on how much weight you also need to lose, you might also require a bit of exercise on your part. Fruits, vegetables and low fat dairy products are also very important and as such should be included in your diet.

If you have been looking for a way to get a flat stomach without taking expensive pills that might not even end up working in the end, you have finally found the right post. The foods listed below are low in calories and high in fibre so they are perfect as fat burners, you just need to introduce them to your food timetable and reduce your intake of the substances above.

1. Brown rice

Brown rice also known as ofada rice as well as other fibrous food like grains, cereal. These foods have high fibre content which aids digestion by keeping bowel movement at a maximum. They also fill the tummy faster and as such can help you start eating smaller portions of food.

2. Fish

Fish is very rich in protein which is required to shrink body fat fast. However, you should try not to discard off all the fish nutrients when cooking it .Instead of boiling and frying before introducing into stew ,you can try steaming it instead. Other foods rich in protein include meat, cheese and eggs. They will do you a lot of good if you introduce them into your diet.

3. Vegetables

When eaten in the correct manner, vegetables can go a long way in assisting in losing belly fat and general body weight. Like foods with high fibre content, vegetables also help in bowel movement to aid digestion and prevent constipation. Vegetables should also not be overcooked to make sure they retain as many of their nutrients as possible and their taste as well. You can also eat a lot of them without having to worry about taking in too many calories.


The importance of water in weight loss cannot be overemphasized, it is an extremely important factor. Apart from the fact that it aids metabolism and promotes burning of fat, the body requires water to function properly or it may get dehydrated and cause major health concerns. You must make sure you take enough water to keep your body hydrated at all times.

5. Fruits

Just like vegetables, a diet for a flat stomach must include a lot of fruits.Apples,pears and oranges are perfect to help in losing weight.Other fruits like bananas with their sweet taste can act as a substitute to taking sweet items like junk food. Fruits also supply a lot of vitamins and minerals that aid in overall body nutrition.


Plantains are a great source of resistant starch which digests easily in the body. There are different ways you can take plantain whether boiled, fried or even just as a snack. It is also one of the best sources of potassium and fiber which helps digestion and also boosts the immune system. If you introduce the above foods into your diet and start taking them regularly, you are sure to see a decrease in your body weight and belly fat.

Health is Wealth!
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