6 Ways To Stop Smelly FartFarting is a pretty normal phenomenon. A fart, or flatulence is the passing out of gases which are present in the small intestine due to respiratory and digestive movements. Everyone who is alive is bound to fart at any given time every day. It’s so natural and part of our well-being. People often joke about it saying farting is a sign of good health. While it may be systematical, there are often cases when one begins to have really smelly fart. This means the gases which have built up are pretty much or maybe the intestines are unclean.

When it comes to the matter of sounds, an individual can either have a loud farts or silent farts. All the same, it’s natural. But, a major point of concern really bothers most people is smelly gas. This can be so uncomfortable and even embarrassing to behold. Smelly fart can be caused by the kind of foods eaten, the reactions in the intestine and even the amount of gas(air) that goes in when eating.

Here Are 6 Simple Ways To Eliminate Smelly Fart.

1. Eat Slowly
Eating slow is a sure way to reduce gas in the belly. When you rush food, a lot of gas is ingested during the process. You can also make sure to chew well as this helps to slow down your eating pace.

2. Eat Small Amounts
You can eat small amounts of food at a time. This helps speed up your digestion process as you are stuffed up. Eating large quantities just allows a lot of gas into your digestive tract. Incorporate the habit of consuming reasonably sized meals.

3. Drink A Lot Of Water
Water is life. It clears the way down to your intestines. Staying hydrated helps reduce gas and prevents it altogether. It’s a win-win with water. Ensure to avoid carbonated drinks as they add more calories and are pretty gaseous.

4. Avoid Gas Enhancing Foods
There are certain foods which are known to lead to gas. These foods are either high in fibre or are contained with sulphur compounds. Cabbage, beans, onions, apples, broccoli, pears, brussels sprouts, egg yolks and artificial sweeteners are examples of such.

5. Reduce Certain Mouth Actions
There are a number of actions that let you swallow air without being aware. These actions should be put into consideration as they allow a lot of air to get sucked in. They are drinking with the aid of a straw, licking or sucking candy sweets and even when you chew gum.

6. Eat Pro biotic Foods
Adding probiotic foods to your diet can help eliminate a lot of digestion issues. Probiotics are the good bacteria which help improve our digestive health. While yoghurt is a very popular probiotic, there are Nigerian foods which are probiotic-rich.

These Nigerian foods are lafun (white amala), iru (locust beans), palm wine, pap & eko (liquid and solid corn meal), garri (cassava flakes), kunu (fermented milk by Fulani).

Last note

Ensure to pay more attention to your digestion in order to discover certain habits that gives you smelly farts. There is no better person to be aware of your body except you.

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