One way of maintaining good hygiene is by having a proper and regular bath. Aside washing off dirt from the body, the human body tends to feel fresh and alive once it meets with water by way of bathing it. Bathing helps to regulate the body temperature, especially when observed during a very hot afternoon. Additionally, it helps to enhance the beauty of the skin and general appearance, as well as guide against body odour which may result from profuse sweating after the day’s hustle and bustle.

Extensively, our confidence gets boosted and esteem lifted when we smell fresh after a proper bath. By bathing our bodies properly, we limit the risk of leaving our bodies at the mercy of germs and bacteria infections. The importance of bathing can not be overemphasized since virtually every sane human being takes bathing as a routine. Instead, greater emphasis would he beamed on the wrong approach to bathing with a view to ensuring good hygiene and an improved body health.

1. Bathing very hot water: A lot of individuals are fond of bathing hot water, especially when the weather is very cold. With the intent of combating cold, they make their bath water super hot, without understanding the implication of what they are doing. The university of Pittsburgh’s medical centre opines that bathing extremely hot water can rob the skin of it’s moisture, natural oils, fat and protein that keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Thus, instead of having a super hot water for bath, water should be lukewarm to avoid issues that goes with bathing with hot water

2. Bathing too often: It may surprise you to note that, while it is good to bath regularly and properly, to take a shower too often is detrimental to the skin. This is because, the skin will suddenly lose its microbial population that helps guides it against such skin infection as eczema. Anything beyond bathing twice daily is strongly discouraged.

3. Using puffy sponges(Loofah): This is another wrong trend in bathing practiced by many. While the skin feels that pampering touch when scrubbed with a puffy sponge, it gets contaminated with bacteria naturally present in puffy sponges. To save the day, we are encouraged to either disinfect our puffy sponges or sundry before and after use to prevent bacteria from finding a safe habitat in our sponges. Changing your puffy sponge is also another way out of the range of those unforeseen bacteria, for those who can afford it.

4. Bathing and washing the “down side” with perfumed soaps having high lather: To prevent foul smell from the “down side” as well as body odour, a lot of individuals show preference for perfumed soaps over non perfumed soaps in their choice of soaps for bathing. Although it is not wrong to bath with perfumed soaps, such should not be used for cleaning the downside, especially when the soap has high lather(I.e it foams a lot).

5. Washing of hair with shampoo everyday: Again, this is another habit that is unhealthy, as shocking as it may seem. Reason is, the hair becomes dried out resulting from lost of oil during frequent shampooing which is hardly replenished before another round of washing takes place. This is not to say one shouldn’t wash the hair from time to time, but washing the hair daily especially with shampoo is another wrong practice that should be discouraged.

6. Bathing very late in the night: So many people feel uncomfortable and find it difficult to sleep without having a shower. While this depicts a sign of good hygiene, it becomes a case to look into when bathing extends from 11pm to about 3am when the body and it’s pores ought to be resting. Bathing cold water between the aforementioned hour opens up the pores of the body for easy penetration of water which can affect body metabolism and leave the individual to the risk of cold, fever, muscle pain, etc. For a clean, relaxed and healthy body after the days hustle, bathing should be observed in the evening and not late into the night.

7. Drying up after bath with a rough textured towel: Drying the body up with a rough textured towel is capable of leaving some bruises on the skin, especially during dry season. Giving the skin a gentle pamper with a smooth textured towel will do a perfect job of drying up the skin while retaining some moisture in it.

While we observe our bath to appear fresh and free from foul smell, all recommendations in this article should be put into consideration to maintain a balance in our physical, psychological and general well being.

Health is Wealth!
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