Sore throat medically called phargngitis can be so painful especially when you are trying to swallow your saliva or trying to eat a delicious meal and suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your throat. This can make you avoid any food you come in contact with. If you are having a hard time with a sore throat, you do not need to worry as there is no problem without a solution. But before we consider the ways to cure sore throat, we ought to know some things like,

  • What is a sore throat?
  • Causes of sore throat and
  • How to cure sore throat

Sore throat is the irritation and pain one experience in the throat when trying to swallow any food substances or even trying to drink any liquid substance. A sore throat can affect anybody including children because on a daily basis we inhale one thing or the other. Also, studies have shown that people who are allergic to certain things, food or substance, those who smoke and those whose immune system is comprised are prone to a sore throat.

Causes Of Sore Throat

The cause of sore throat is not really known but research shows that it could be caused by the following;

  • Viral infection
  • (Bacterial infection) usually the bacteria called Streptococcus that has a chain-like structure.
  • Fever associated with the glands.
  • Voice box inflammation also called laryngitis.
  • Tonsils inflammation also called tonsillitis.
  • Smoking
  • Pollutants
  • Inhaling contaminated air.

Having known what sore throat is, the causes of sore throat. The following ways are ways to cure sore throat fast naturally.

1. Drink Saltwater 

Taking saltwater is one way you can use to cure sore throat. This is because salt water help to decrease swelling by removing water from the tissues of the throat. Also, saltwater help to destroy microorganisms in the throat due to its antibacterial property. To do this, you add sodium chloride (table salt) in warm water and stir and then drink it before going to bed in order to reduce the pain.

2. Take Raw Honey

Taking raw honey can also help to cure sore throat because honey contains an antibiotic property that helps to fight bacteria that are responsible for sore throat. To do this, you need to mix the honey in warm water containing cider vinegar then drink it to destroy the microorganisms.

3. Take Lemon Water

Taking lemon water can also cure sore throat fast during the cold period and because the juice of lemon contains Vitamin C and antioxidant which help the salivary gland to produce saliva that will moisten the throat. To do this, you add lemon juice in warm water and add some quantity of honey and drink it. This will help to heal the infection caused by the sore throat.

4. Eat Garlic 

Eating garlic can also cure sore throat as garlic contains an antibacterial substance called allicin which can destroy infection caused by the bacteria.

5. Drink Peppermint Tea

Drinking peppermint tea will also help to cure sore throat due to the anti-inflammatory property of peppermint to curing a sore throat. When taken, it helps to numb the throat and reduces pain. You can easily prepare this tea by boiling the leave in water and allow it to warm before taking it. Note that peppermint leave is free from caffeine and it is sweet and does not need any sweetener.

6. Use Ice Cube

Taking ice cube can help to keep your throat cool, reduce pain and inflammation in the throat. Also, when the ice cube melts, it will help your throat to be hydrated and also prevents congestion.

7. Take Antibiotics 

Before taking antibiotics like penicillin you need to go for a streptococcus test from a reliable medical laboratory to be sure if the sore throat is caused by bacteria and in some cases, a throat culture can be performed before prescribing drugs for usage.




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