Whitlow medically called felon can be so painful that it can make you to cry each time you feel the pain and sometimes throughout the night. This is so because our fingers are made of soft tissues that can easily be damaged. As a result of this, we need to be conscious of the way we handle the thumb of the hand and the toes of the legs. Maybe you are suffering from whitlow and your fingers and toes are about to be destroyed, you ought not to be afraid as you can combat this situation and come out from it successfully. However, we ought to know some things about whitlow, the cause, the risk factors and how to get rid of it.

Whitlow is a terrible and contagious infection that affects the finger and it is caused by a virus known as the Herpes Simplex Virus. Whitlow is also known as herpetic whitlow. It is so painful that it can make you act crazy due to the pain. It affects both little children and adults. Whitlow mostly affects some part of the fingers and there are two types of HSV that causes whitlow;

HSV1: This is common among children and it is accompanied by cold sores and blisters on the lip, mouth, and face.

HSV2: It occurs during sexual intercourse and is responsible for sores in the private areas of the body.

Causes Of Whitlow

Withlow is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus which enters the fingers as a result of a cut usually at the edge of the finger and because it is contagious it can be gotten from someone blisters having herpetic whitlow or it can be contracted if you touch or open the sores from any part of the body.

The Risk factors For Whitlow

The following are the risk factors for whitlow you ought to know:

People having a career in the health care unit due to various operation undergone by them.

  •  Infection from HSV1 and HSV2
  •  The habit of biting nails.
  •  Inoculating children with dirty hands.
  •  Infection from HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus)
  •  When a cut occurs in the finger.

Having known what whitlow is, the cause, the risk factors then, we need to know how to get rid of whitlow naturally so as to ease the pain caused by whitlow

1. First, you need to take antiviral drugs as prescribed by a qualified doctor (pain reliever) like ibuprofen to ease pain and fever.

2. You may dip the affected finger or toe in warm water containing salt which kills microorganisms and reliefs pain.

3. Use cotton wool and bandage to collect pus emanating from the blood.

4. Get a lemon fruit and drill a hole in it and after doing that, insert the affected finger inside it for about 10mins. Because lemon contains an acid called Citric Acid and an antioxidant, it will help to reduce the pain by destroying the virus causing the pain.

5. Make use of Garlic as it helps to kill infection due to its antiviral effect as it contains allicin. To do this, cut some garlic into warm water for 5mins and hold the finger pointing into the garlic until it gets cool.  After that, squeeze water from the garlic and apply the chaff on the finger and you then tie with a bandage to get a better result.

6. Use Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide serves as a disinfectant that helps to fight the herpes virus from spreading further and to recover fully.

7. Use Coconut oil: Coconut oil can get rid of whitlow because of the presence of the two acids called lauric and Capric that helps to destroy the virus. To do this, dip cotton on warm coconut oil and rub on the finger. You then allow the oil to dry on it and you can repeat three times daily for good result.

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