The entire body of human being comprises of nearly 60 percent of water. It is the best quality that is very significant to our existence because it is needed for daily survival. Water has lots of functions and helps in good functioning of our body system. It also helps to eliminate toxins from our system and aids in getting a clearer and healthier skin.

Often times, we rush to drink water anytime we are feeling thirsty, during or after eating spicy things or after meal. The right time to drink water is when the stomach is empty and that is mostly early in the morning most especially warm water. Still, warm water is regarded as one of the best remedies at home as it aids in easy and clear digestion and excretion.

Below are some the reasons why it is very essential to drink warm water on an empty stomach early morning:

1. Digestion

The toxins predetermined in our body system can cause us a lot of harm than good when it comes to proper functioning of our digestive system. With just a glass of warm water on daily basis every morning, you can eliminate the toxins thereby enhancing good functioning of your digestive system. This will add many advantages to your skin starting from clear digestive tracts.  By this, your strength is freshened up all the day.

2. Weight loss

Are you trying to shed off some weight? Why not go on a natural way by taking a glass of warm water every morning to boost the process. With warm water, you will boost your body temperature thereby increasing the rate of metabolism in your body which helps your body to burn off more calories in the day time. Also, by adding lemon to your warm water, your body will be able to tear down fats and hasten the process of your weight loss. With warm water intake early morning on an empty stomach, you will prevent craving acts for food.

3. Boost Blood Circulatory System

With warm water, flushing out dangerous toxins from your system will be easier and thereby aids in boosting the blood circulatory system. Warm water helps in muscle relaxation and lose them in order not to cut off the blood supply in any part of our body.

4. Constipation

Two glasses of warm water on an empty stomach early in the morning will enhance the boosting of the bowel movement and help in the intestinal tract contractions. By so doing, your system will be able to get rid of the old waste easily and relieve you from constipation problems.

5. Perfect Remedy For Cough & Cold

If you have cough or cold, drinking warm water will help in clearing out the mucus in the throat and improve your breathing. You can as well gargle warm water with just a pinch of salt, it will relief you of any form of pain and irritation in your throat.

6. Menstrual Cramps

When you take a glass cup of warm water, you will be relieved of menstrual cramps. This is one of the best home remedies to ease your stomach aches or cramps. The warm water will help in relaxing your body muscles and give you quick relief from pains and aches.

7. Stop Premature Aging

The accumulated toxins in the body system can make you liable to premature aging and sickness. Taking warm water will not only help in eliminating toxins from your system but will also help in skin cells repair and boost the elasticity thereby preventing premature aging.

8. Migraine Attack

It prevents you from migraine attacks. One of the chief reasons why many people suffer from frequent attack of migraine and headaches is because there is no adequate water in the body. Dehydration is the major cause of headaches and if you can drink warm water on an empty stomach you will overcome headaches naturally. With warm water, you can maintain dental or oral problems.

9. Warm Water Induce Sleep

If you drink warm water before going to bed, it will enhance your body to relax and even in nerve soothing thereby aids sleeping. With this application, it will prevent midnight cravings and result to rejuvenation feeling in the morning. Japanese were the first to invent warm water therapy and religiously adhered to. They take warm water as soon as they get out of their bed early morning and this therapy has been supported by different research studies.

How To Follow Warm Water Therapy;

  • Immediately you wake up in the morning, drink two glass cup of warm water before you brush your mouth. If you are a new beginner, you can start with little quantity.
  • After taking the water, clean and brush your mouth. Do not eat or drink anything for about 45 minutes.
  • Thereafter, you can take your breakfast.
  • After eating your regular foods, make sure you did not drink anything for about two hours, then you can take just ordinary water.

By this therapy, you will be able to keep most diseases at arm’s length and you will observe new strength and freshness within a short period of time. Warm water therapy is potent enough to heal you of high blood pressure, constipation, gastritis and diabetes without giving you any adverse effect. Continue this therapy with warm water for maximum results.

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