Did you know that poor sleep affects your health so much, starting from memory loss, hormonal and metabolic imbalances, to high blood pressure, and aging?  You would be wondering how right?

Research shows that depriving yourself adequate sleep not only decreases the quality of life and lifespan but also lead to insomnia .

You may not realize how important adequate sleep is to your body until you find yourself sleeping at your workplace when you should be working. You could be sacked just because you fell asleep during work hours, are you aware of this?

Discovery has it that some people find it difficult to have adequate sleep because of health issues, their kind of work, stress, natural and man-made disasters, emotional trauma, relationship and marriage issues, financial challenge, and others. These and many more are the things that may deprive you of sleep especially at night.

If you should map out specific times you sleep and wake up, your body will become restructured. Before now, i had trouble sleeping adequately until I stumbled upon these 9 proven ways to adequate sleep. This worked perfectly well for me, and gradually, I began to sleep adequately again.

To have adequate sleep, you need to consider putting these guidelines below into practice:

  1. To get adequate sleep, you need to sleep for about eight hours. The appropriate time to go to sleep should be on or before 11 pm, as it is during this period that the gallbladder dumps toxins, but if you are still awake at this period, the toxins might pile up in your liver which is very dangerous and may cause you lot of health problems.
  2. Ensure you take your bath before going to bed as it helps to cool your body temperature, and prepares you for a good night sleep.
  3. Avoid worrying: this is where most of the sleep issues come from. Try to clear and relax your mind prior to bedtime. Worrying about your misfortune, your broken relationship, your health issues can cause you sleepless night, and this also worsens your already existing problems. Therefore, to get adequate sleep, you need to stop yourself from worrying over past issues or already existing ones.
  4. Try turning off the light in your room when you’re about to go to bed, as it helps you to sleep better.
  5. Going to bed immediately after eating is not the best of options. Not only does it affect your sleep, but it also causes more harm to your body, such as heartburn.
  6. Turn off the alarm clock since it can deprive you of sleep by ringing out.
  7. Refrain from taking caffeine-containing foods as their stimulating effects might last longer than necessary affecting the nervous system and stops you from falling asleep.
  8. Exercise regularly as it helps to clear your mind.
  9. Sleep in a comfortable bed and try listening to cool soothing music like blues with the volume turned down a little.
  10.  Ensure you eat dinner before going to bed. Going to bed on an empty stomach may deprive you of sleep as you may become restless.

With these directives, you should start having a peaceful and adequate sleep henceforth.

Health is Wealth!
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