Actual Benefits/Uses Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C belongs to the category of essential vitamins and this implies that it cannot be manufactured by the body. This notwithstanding has lots of roles to play in the body. For this reason, it has been linked up with the benefits of impressive health. Vitamin C is water soluble and very common in most vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, oranges, spinach, strawberries, kale, bell peppers and kiwi fruit.

This vitamin works together with other vitamins just like a chain whereby one vitamin links with another. Without this act of functioning, each of the connected vitamins could be ineffective and added no benefit to our health or body system.

For about 40 years back, vitamin C was used to be called a hoax in medical system but later changed to vitamin C as a result of it being used in easing common cold. During that period, Dr. Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner stated in his book some functions of vitamin C. He said this vitamin has the ability to fight common cold and was first applied for the minimizing of the symptoms of cold and also supported other advantages of health. Since that period, research has been on top gear to show some other functions of vitamin C.

Without any doubt, the power of this essential vitamin has been proven beyond any doubt that it is capable of helping other aspects of health. Vitamin C keeps down the risk of mortality from all causes most especially among the age 50 and above. When the vitamin is mixed with the other antioxidants, it becomes much stronger and effective to the extent that its health benefits are extended to the brain and cardiovascular system.

Quantity of vitamin C required in the body

Initially, 90mg to 75mg was recommended but later realized that these quantities are not sufficient to the body system. However, based on just concluded survey studies, the quantity of vitamin C that must be consume on daily basis is at least 400mg while maximum is 1000mg.  So also, it has been discovered through research that to maintain the rightful quantity of vitamin C everyday can minimize the mortality risk by 45% from any form of health issue most especially at age 50+.

Vitamin C has been in existence as far back as 1750s and known to be one of the best nutritional vitamins used in curing common disease among the sailors any time they are on the sea because they cannot find fresh fruits and vegetables around them in addition to their meals. It is also useful in curing scurvy.

This is the major reason why vitamin C is very vital when added to the chains of vitamin for daily usage. Anytime vitamin C is being taken in treating any disease, it needs a higher dosage when compared to the consumption for general health treatment of maintenance. Many people do not used to get it right when used in treating severe diseases.

When low dosage is administered, vitamin C of this quantity has no ability to cure disease which has developed in your body for a long period of time, within a short time.

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