Our body needs adequate nutrients for it to function very perfectly because it must be able to tolerate more minerals and vitamins that we can obtain from the juices of fresh fruit. Many victims of cancer that has been healed admitted that they were recovered because of the fruits they took. Therefore, most of the patients who have been healed from cancer counted these fruits as a substitute for the treatment of cancer. Here are the three best fruits that helps to cure cancer;

  1. Soursop

Spanish used to refer to soursop as Guyabano but Filipino called it Graviola. The principal region where soursop is grown is on the tropical areas. The fleshy part comprises of high fiber, potassium, vitamin B1, B2, C and carbohydrates. The level of saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol in sour sop is very low.

Advantages of soursop

As soon as soursop is ripe, it can be eaten raw. Also, you can make flavor ice cream from it. Some other things that soursop can be used for include; tarts, candies, sherbets, shakes and different beverages. This fruit is a bit sour maybe that is where it derived its name from. However, the sourness is able to provide many advantages to your body system. Aside that, it is known to possess the healing power and have healed different types of cancer such as lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer.

2. Pomegranate

This fruit has in it 40% of vitamin C requirement for adult on daily basis. It is also referred to as the type of fruit with sufficient folic acid. Pomegranate has a cocktail of chemicals that are known to reduce the cell damage by the cancer and also with the possibility of killing off the cells of cancer. All these were proven from the research studies made by the University of California.

Advantages of Pomegranate

  • It helps to combat heart disease
  • It helps to minimize bad cholesterol in the body
  • The antioxidant in the juice help to reduce the fatty deposit development on the walls of the artery.

3. Acai Berry

Acai berry is the kind of tall palm tree that usually reach the height of between 15 and 25 meters tall. This palm tree produces uncommonly nutritious berries that are edible and normally grow up to about 1 and 2 cm in its diameter. The fruit of Acai is highly rich in vitamin B, oleic acid or omega-9, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber.

Advantages Of Acai Berry

The juice has high quantity of antioxidants when compared to cranberry, blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry. Research studies from University of Texas revealed that by drinking juice on daily basis, you are helping to prevent the building up and spreading of the cancer cells.

With these three amazing creations in the world, you can have a better living. That is part of the blessings offered by the Mother Nature in form of fruits to assist us in overcoming cancer. These three fruits namely; Sour sop, Acai berry & Pomegranate even though related greatly with the prevention or assisting to get rid of the issue of cancer from the life of the victim in this world, yet, they also help in other more ways. Cancer could be very dangerous among the disease in this current dispensation. It entails lot of challenging and costly treatment before it could be eventually cured.

Health is Wealth!
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