Unlike adults, kids have a very weak immune system. This makes their body system vulnerable to virtually all pathogenic attacks.

Your body system as an adult may be able to withstand abnormal health conditions due to the fact that you have a very strong immune system but the body system of young children has a weak immune system, which makes them less fortunate in terms of withstanding health uncertainties.

This is more or less the reason why you should be very careful and mindful of the food you give to your kids. Some foods contain toxic bacteria and other pathogens which are potentially harmful to the health of your kids because their immune system is not strong enough to combat these pathogens.
Since the wellness of every family is a great priority to us, we have listed some common foods in Nigeria you should not give to your kids.


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1. Honey

In some occasions, honey contains a toxic bacterium called clostridium botulinum. This bacterium is often neutralized by a strong immune system, hence the reason why it is not harmful to people above 3 years old.

Clostridium botulinum causes different health maladies in babies below 3 years old. Botulism is one of the complicated health conditions that is caused by the bacterium present in honey. Symptoms of botulism in babies includes; Floppiness, poor feeding, constipation and weakness.

So, until your baby reaches 3 years old, you’re advised not to add honey to his or her food.

A lot of persons have suggested the use of honey in treating some ailments in babies, who are below 3 years old without considering the side effects.

We are all aware of the fact that honey is a medicinal food, rich in protein and minerals, which is good for healing, growth and development. But you are advised to allow your baby celebrate his/her 3rd birthday before exploiting the countless benefits of honey.

Is Sugar The Best Alternative?

Sugar can never be a better alternative to honey. Both sugar and honey are not good for babies below 3 years old, irrespective of the quantity. The contents of sugar and honey affects the emerging teeth in babies. So if you don’t want your babies to develop dental problems, you should not feed them with sugar and honey until your kid is up to 3 years old or even older. Don’t even add sugar and honey to the pap of your kid who is below 3 years.

What Are The Better Alternatives?

If your baby loves food that has a good flavour, use smashed banana or dried fruits. Banana tastes good and it is good for babies. You can add smashed banana to her pap instead of honey or sugar. Honey is for people above 3 years.

2. Fruit Juice

It is no longer news that Nigerian parents are fond of feeding their children with different kinds of juice, such as Bobo, Ribena, happy hour amongst other varieties.

But the truth is that these juices are not healthy for any category of humans. Both children and adults are advised to desist from the frequent consumption of fruit juices because they contain many harmful ingredients which could lead to the emanation of several diseases.

If your children are addicted to fruit juice, kindly prepare it yourself without adding any preservative or colourant.

No industry can manufacture juice without adding preservatives, which are harmful. But you can prepare a healthy juice for your children without adding any ingredient that has side effects. So, DO IT YOURSELF.

When you smash banana and add a bit water, it’s already juice. It mustn’t be packaged before it can be called  juice.

3. Snacks

Majority of Nigerian children can’t stay a day without consuming a pack of snack. Most Nigerian children are undoubtedly addicted to different kinds of snacks.

It is highly unfortunate that a lot of parents are not aware of the potential damages some of these snacks could cause to their children.

It is also worthy to note that 75% of the snacks we have in Nigeria are made of toxic chemicals causing cancer, which are commonly used by food processing industries as preservatives, flavours and colourants.

Ingredients such as Butylated Hydroxyanisole, Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial sweeteners, which are found in some snacks could be very dangerous to the health of your children. These ingredients can be found in gala, biscuits, chin chin, puff-puff balls/buns and so many others.

Kindly examine the ingredients in some snacks before allowing your children to consume them. Some of the ingredients may not be listed on the label, so the best approach is opting for medically recommended snacks.

4. Sweets, Hard Candies and Lollipops.

Most children can’t stay without consuming sweets frequently. But the truth is that allowing your children to consume sweets, candies and lollipops is another method of injecting them with diabetes and other diabetes related diseases.

Most sweets contain excess sugar, which boosts the rate of needless calories in the body, thereby increasing the blood sugar level to a very pathetic level. Excess sugar in the body causes several deadly diseases and we are very sure you wouldn’t like your kids to suffer from those ailments.

As a parent, brother or sister, you’re advised to caution and sensitize your children or relatives regarding the dangers involved in consuming sweets frequently.

Conclusively, ensuring the healthiness of your children or relatives should be part of your responsibilities. Even if you can’t give them money, educate them on the dangers involved in taking some foods. This is because heath is wealth. It would be a great loss if someone in your family or society dies as a result of your unwillingness to indulge in proper health sensitisation. You can do it! We believe in you!

Health is Wealth!
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