One of the major reasons why our hands and face are the first parts of our body to reflect signs of aging is that both are always exposed. Whether these parts of the body are faced with winter, heat, cold or strong winds, always remember that all kinds of weather have an impact on our skin. It is not only the weather conditions, but also fumes from car exhausts as well as other forms of pollution play a vital role in skin aging.

Several Factors Increase The Skin Aging Process, Some Of These Factors Are:

1. Stress

The nails, hair and skin can indicate that an individual is under immense stress.

2. Insomnia

Lack of sleep causes the formation of fine lines, skin slackening and irregular skin color.

3. Sun Damage

Most of the signs of aging on the skin occurs as a result of sun rays, because the ultra violet rays emitted by the sun can bring about reduction in the elasticity of the skin via collagen, pigmentation and breaking down of elastin including the quality of the skin texture.

4. Smoking

By exposing the heart and other sensitive organs to smoke, including the second-hand smoke, it causes damage to the elastin fibre which then leads to skin wrinkle, aging lines and spots, as well as sags around your mouth part.

5. Environment And Pollution

These can bring about dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. Skin dehydration makes the skin dry, itchy, rough, makes it harbor city dusts and dirt clogs in the pores of the skin leading to spots, making the skin look dull and old.

Due to the normal aging process, one major thing discovered is loss of volume. As we grow older, we begin to loose the fat on our face resulting in the softness of the tissues thereby making them thinner. Both collagen which is the dense fibres responsible for strength and elastin which is the elastic fibres responsible for suppleness looses their firmness and elasticity as we advance in age, thereby resulting in the wrinkling of the soft tissue in the face leading to a thin face where the bones becomes more prominent.

Instances Of These Scenarios Include;

1. Facial Thread Veins

The blood vessels in aging thin skin have a high tendency of breaking, been bruised or become totally dilated resulting in thread veins.

2. Eyes

The lower and upper eye lids start sagging, these create dark circles with tear troughs.

3. Mouth

The laugh lines become deepened while those fine lines around the lips which we refer to as the smoker’s lines start emerging as the lips loose definition leading to bleeding lipstick.

4. Age Spots

If there is an increase in the pigmented cells of the skin in a particular area, this becomes age spots leading to sun spots, liver spots or freckles.

5. Forehead

It becomes sagged and furrow via repetition of facial expression movements that occur over time.

Reputable clinics that specialize in cosmetic solutions, provide safe, secure and effective cosmetic medical treatments used to treat anti-aging skins. A little sag, a bit of a wrinkle or dark circle could allow you look much older than you actually are. A professional or trained expert can assist you to select from different kinds of treatments and suggest the kind of treatment that is ideal for your skin type/problems.


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