Virtually everyone on earth has had a worrisome encounter, so, we can individually state our various experiences and views regarding worries. Some persons believe that worrying about a task ahead enhances one to prepare ahead. This is practically not a bad belief but the fact remains that too much worry could send one to an early grave.

It has been argued severally that despite the negative implications of worrying too much, there are still few benefits of having little worries about a particular situation for a very short period of time, probably a day. But when the worry exceeds the average limit, it could result to many psychological and medical maladies, leading to DEATH as the end product.

Anytime we talk about excessive worry, people are always tempted to ask questions like;

When Does Worry Become Too Much?

The answer is, worry becomes too much when you spend days and weeks, ought to be used for other profitable ventures on worrying. Extreme worry is so harmful when it reaches the nonsensical stage where you can’t focus on reality or think clearly. When worry interferes with your daily activities, it’s said to become too much.

It’s also factual to state that a lot of persons have suffered numerous consequences as a result of excess worries. The merciless venom of excess worries have sent millions of people to the grave. Although, this statistics is yet to sensitize a lot of worriers about the grave consequences of worrying too much, hence the need to intensify the sensitization.

People who are victims of deadly diseases like HIV and other terrible ailments often die not as a result of the disease but because of extreme worry.worrying too much kills faster than some deadly diseases.

Excessive worries triggers the body’s nervous system to release many stress hormones such as cortisol. Cortisol among other hormones induces prolonged stress. Prolonged stress has been known by many medical practitioners to be a very deadly disease whose potency is often underestimated by many ignorant people.
The more worried you are about your health condition, the more it gets worse. The truth is that, the list of damage excessive worry can cause is long and endless. This means that, not worrying more than we have to could be the best thing to do in order to increase our longevity and maintain good health condition.

According to National Institutes of Health (NIH). Prolonged stress induced by worry has been shown to cause numerous health problems, including:

> Heart Attack

This is one of the common health implications of worrying excessively. The Continuous
exaltation of blood pressure and heart rate boosts the risk of acquiring circulatory diseases, which happens to be one of the leading causes of death in the developed world.

> Suppression of the immune system

> Respiratory problems and heavy breathing

> Digestive disorders

> Muscle tension

> Short-term memory loss

> Premature coronary artery disease

> Worsening of overall health condition.

The aforementioned health maladies are just few among the health implications of worrying too much.

Conclusively, if you desire to live long, you must shun extreme worry. Don’t get yourself entangled by excess worries.

Health is Wealth!
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