The feet is a very important part of the body. It is required for standing, walking, running, cycling, etc. Our feet helps us to have balance on the ground while engaged in our daily activities. If you have ever had your foot injured in any way, I guess you know how uncomfortable it becomes to walk properly, or do anything that involves physical movement. That is how important our foot is.

Feet hygiene is one aspect of personal hygiene that is often overlooked by many. Meanwhile, it should be one of the primary areas of care since it is the baseline for our mobility, especially with it being closest to the ground. It is essential to maintain a daily feet care routine. More importantly, as we grow older, our feet tend to need more attention and care.

Basic Areas To Consider Concerning Feet Hygiene Includes:

  1. The Sole
  2. Toes and Toe Nails
  3. The Skin and Gaps between the Toes
  4. The Heels

5 Important Tips For Feet Hygiene.

1. Regular Inspection.

Paying close attention to your feet by regularly inspecting them is a key routine in personal hygiene. This is the only way you can quickly observe and readily identify anything out of the ordinary, like sores, rashes, swelling, cuts, etc. and quickly address them accordingly before they escalate to something serious. Make this a constant practice, and keep your feet safe and healthy.

2. Keep Them Clean Every Day.

It is very important to always keep your feet clean every day irrespective of the nature of your daily activities. At least once every day, apart from when you have your bath, the feet should be washed with warm water and a mild soap, preferably, scrubbing gently with a stone sponge or exfoliating brush to remove tough and dry skin which helps to eliminate calluses and broken skin at the heels. This practice can be concluded by gently rubbing a moisturizing cream on the feet to keep it in good condition. It is not safe practice to soak your feet for too long in water. It erodes the natural oil of the skin and makes the skin look weak and bleached.

3. Neat Toe Nails.

This is a compulsory practice we must adhere to. The toe nails needs to be neatly cut regularly with a nail cutter or clipper. Remove all dirt or debris under the toe nails and cut carefully across the nails, and not too deep at the edges to avoid mistakenly hurting yourself. With this, you can be comfortable wearing your shoes without the risk of breaking a toe nail. Remember that toe nails can be further beautified with nail polish of any color that suits your style.

4. The Right Footwear.

This is really essential, carefully chose your footwear. Ensure they are suitable for the environment you find yourself. For example, do not wear high heels to climb a hill. You could easily hurt your ankle. Good climbing boots are suitable for this type of outdoor activity. They should also be the right size, and not too tight to avoid hurting your feet. The right type of socks should also be worn to allow your feet to breathe.

5. Give Your Feet Some Air Regularly.

It is important to regularly remove your shoes or whatever footwear you have on, and allow your feet to receive some air. This helps the feet to stay fresh instead of clammy. It prevents it from smelling unpleasantly, from rashes due to longstanding dampness from sweat, and maybe infections. This way, the feet stays warm, and healthy.

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