Being pregnant is a beautiful experience, this joy of expecting to birth a new life can be quite overwhelming and does come with a lot of cravings which most expectant mothers are unable to control. However, in as much as the cravings are expected during pregnancy, not all cravings must be considered. This is so because pregnancy is a delicate period of a woman’s life and as such adequate attention should be given; maintaining a healthy lifestyle and adequate diet is very key to having a healthy baby. So for you to have a healthy baby you have to be mindful of what to and what not to eat.

Here Are Foods And Beverages That Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy;

1. Methyl Mercury Or Mercury Laden Foods

Studies have shown that during pregnancy, consumption of omega 3 helps improve infants cognitive and visual development, this omega 3 is mostly gotten from fishes, however, studies have also shown that fishes also absorb methyl mercury properties which is dangerous to human health. Mercury is a natural chemical released into the environment through natural activities like volcanic eruptions and also human activities like coal burning.

When this mercury is released into the water, fishes absorb it into their systems over time through the food they eat. Consuming fishes with heavy amount of mercury during pregnancy endangers the baby’s health because infants are vulnerable and defenseless, they absorb mercury from their mothers through the placenta and because their systems are not fully developed they are unable to detoxify the mercury absorbed, which in turn hamper fetal cognitive and visual development as well as affect their speeches as they grow after birth. In as much as adding fish to daily diet during pregnancy is advised, its is also advisable to consume fishes or other sea foods with low amount of mercury to keep the baby safe.

Studies have shown that fishes or sea foods such as catfish, crab, craw fish, oysters, croakier, mackerel, sardines, tilapia absorb small amount of mercury as such are safer to eat than fishes such as sword fish, tuna, King mackerel among others which have higher amount of mercury.

2. Caffeinated Drinks

Almost every drinks around the world today contain some amounts of caffeine in them. Caffeine is a natural alkaloid found in some plant leaves, it is also found in coffee, herbal tea, cola, soda and energy drinks. It is the most consumed psychoactive stimulant around the world which works well in keeping the brain active, prevented fatigue and sleep. Studies have shown that consumption of unregulated amount of caffeine during pregnancy predisposes expectant mothers and their infants to health risks such as;

i. Increases blood pressure of expectant mothers, because caffeine is a stimulant, it triggers the blood pressure which may cause foetal growth impairment and also complications during childbirth.

ii. Causes dehydration, when caffeine is taken excessively, the frequency of urination increases leading to dehydration which reduces the supply of amniotic fluid that the baby needs for sustain and develop adequately.

iii. It increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndromes.

3. Soya Beans

This is a specie of legumes that has great nutritional benefits, however it also contain phytic acid which inhibits the body’s absorption of important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron which the body needs to function optimally. Hence excess consumption of soya beans during pregnancy will affect foetal skeletal development as these minerals needed to development strong bones are inhibited.

Pregnancy is a wonderful period in a woman’s life that comes with a lot of cravings as well as sacrifices, so making the right choice of diet goes a long way in affecting the baby. So if you want to have a healthy baby, then there is need to cut down on the above listed foods/ beverage.

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