Have you ever had any experience with heartburn before? Heartburn is such a painful situation that happens in the chest and abdomen. It could occur as a result of so many things and such include your choice of lifestyles and diets. Heartburn usually occur as a result of the stomach acid that work its way back to our esophagus. If you are having severe heartburn, it is very vital to look for assistant form gastroenterologists.

At times, heartburn is referred to as acid reflux or acid ebb and can be controlled wiping off particular type of drinks and foods form our meal. Even though, it might not be necessary to get rid off all these items but may be essential to eliminate them once and for all and introduce a new per time later. This will assist you in determining the type of foods that are really causing heartburn in your system.

Fried Foods

Frying foods can range from vegetables to meats and they could be one of the largest diets that contribute to your acid reflux. They trigger aggravation in your digestive system and bring about heartburn. Fast foods that contains sugar and fat are not exempted.

Tomato Based Foods

In spite that tomato is very delicious and healthy, they could be the key source for the people suffering from digestive problems. Naturally, tomatoes are acidic and can trigger the stomach. Examples of tomato-based items are marinara sauce, ketchup and sliced tomatoes used to top salad.


Another food item that must be eliminated absolutely or bit by bit is chocolate due to the pain it brings. The chief source of chocolate includes caffeine, cocoa and fat. All these can cause problems in the digestive system.


Citrus fruits contain acid and this acid trigger the relaxation of the sphincter in the esophagus. This thereby permit too much acid leaving stomach and resulting to pain. The gastroenterologists recommend that those suffering from heartburn must abstain from citrus most especially grapefruits and oranges.

Additionally, gastroenterologists suggest that patients should not eat when it is about two hours to sleep at night. The reason is that food processing will be very difficult as you lie down to sleep. Then, ensure you eat just little quantity of food instead of big quantity. This is because the body is designed to digest smaller meal per time and not large quantity of meal.

Nevertheless, there are some drinks you must avoid in order to prevent you from having heartburn. Such include:

1. Carbonated Drinks

Always remember that soft drinks and some other carbonated beverages can bring abour stomach lining in order to expand more than natural. By so doing, you experience more pressure. So, these drinks can also trigger burps which can as well introduce acid to your esophagus.

2. Caffeinated Drinks

Tea, coffee and other drinks contain high level of caffeine and this contribute to the symptoms of heartburn. Therefore, it is very good to stay away from them without delay.

3. Alcohol

Another item which help to relax esophageal sphincter is alcoholic drinks. This resulted into more problem for those suffering from acid ebb or acid reflux. If you are suffering from acid reflux or encounter it more than twice weekly, you need the attention of gastroenterologists who will assist you to eliminate the issue. Eventually, it could result to dangerous health issues if you ignore it or leave untreated.

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