Health Hazards of Bleaching CreamsThe skin as the outer layer and cloth of the human body deserves special care and attention. A skin properly cared for bequeaths beauty and attracts admiration to an individual. This is why a lot of persons go extra mile to beautify their skin with tattoos, cuts, creams and all forms of cosmetics depending on what appeals to the individual.

However, a lot of persons have had their normal health altered due to unhealthful application of creams that are toxic to the skin. The situation could be blamed on desperation to look good, sheer ignorance or both. This article is thus crafted to educate readers on the hazards associated with bleaching creams commonly used today as well as to recommend natural ways to improve the beauty of the skin, without applying toxic chemicals in the name of body cream.

Lovers of bleaching cream are exposed to some or all of the following health hazards

i. Depletion of melanin present in the skin: Melanin is a pigment produced in the melanocyte cell which is responsible for darkening of the skin. Melanin also helps to protect the skin from direct ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation brings about a cancerous effect on the skin when melanin is not present in sufficient supply. In other words, those who are given to constant use of bleaching creams stand the risk of suffering from cancer of the skin if care is not taken.

ii. Exposure of the skin to UV rays due to a depleted melanin is also responsible for early wrinkling of the skin.

iii. Bleaching cream addicts will age faster than their mates, because their skin will eventually start wrinkling and looking unattractive as a consequence of direct exposure to ultraviolet ray

iv. Continuous use of bleaching cream also results in thinning of of skin layer. This would spell doom for those who may have scars or deep cuts that will require stitching of the skin as the skin will continue to tear in the process of stitching it.

v. Improper application of bleaching cream registers an uneven and shameful colour mix on the skin.

vi. Skin bleaching through cream, pills or injection is a sign of misplaced self esteem. It shows how much one considers his or herself inferior and the extent one can go to barter his dark skin for a white complexion

The question that comes readily to mind is: how can one identify a chemically toxic cream to avert the hazardous effect of bleaching? The answer is not far to seek

Chemically toxic creams often contain:
-kojic acid, etc.

Some cream manufacturers may want to play a smart one on consumers by omitting the aforementioned chemicals and acidic contents in the ingredient list inscribed on their products. Thus extreme care must be taken in your choice of creams, unless you consciously resolve to bleach your skin and damn the consequences.

Prolong use of bleaching cream could cause more fatal effect on users than mere skin wrinkles, speedy aging or uneven skin colour. When toxic chemical contents penetrates the skin and enters into the blood stream, it pollutes it and may damage the brain, liver and kidney. To save yourself from the avoidable health complications mentioned above, it is good to always look out for NAFDAC approval on cream containers or the approval of other specialized agencies, to avoid buying toxic chemicals that will endanger your health. Better still, the use of natural products like aloe vera, lemon juice, Shea butter, etc is also encouraged for a tender, healthy and glowing skin free from toxic chemicals and health hazard.

Health is Wealth!
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  1. peter

    March 17, 2019 at 10:34 pm

    in a very related matter, bleashing of skin is very bad. it damages the skin


  2. Sunday

    March 18, 2019 at 11:24 am

    Bleaching of skin is one thing that damage the body, @times makes them looks old &also fade away the skin


  3. charles

    March 19, 2019 at 12:49 am

    Of cause, bleaching definitely has an after effect on the person but it seems it really doesn’t bother the victims anyway.


  4. Emmanuel Peter

    March 21, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    Bleaching is extremely detrimental to the body and the worst is that it gives no room for speedy cure if the victim has an injury or an accident. It also destroys that natural beauty.


  5. Sulyman habeeb

    March 25, 2019 at 12:12 pm

    Bleaching is so hazardous for the body. But not all knows. Thanks so much for the information.


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