How To Detoxify Your System For a Glowing SkinDo you belong to the category of those who, after spending a lot of money buying expensive cream and skin care agents, do not get an encouraging result? Do you admire those with smooth, tender and glowing skin? Are you wondering what the problem is with your skin?

Have you tried detoxifying your system before making further efforts to make your skin glow?

If the answer to the third question above is No, then you probably do not understand the correlation between system detoxification for a glowing skin or how to go about it. Whatever the case may be, we have made available a step by step guide to help you detoxify your system successfully for a smooth and glowing skin.

First off, to detoxify your system simply means to purify the system and set it free from foreign and harmful substances, which prevents your skin from glowing. The process we recommend is very simple and clear as the materials needed are easy to obtain and supplies the body with nutrients that may be lacking or insufficiently present. Thus, the following materials are needed to purify your system for a glowing skin.

👉A bunch of parsley seed(the leaf is popularly called “scent leaf” or “Effirin” by the Yoruba’s)

👉2 fingers of carrots

👉1 cucumber

👉1 hand of ginger

👉3 fresh spinach

👉½ litre of water

👉1 peeled lemon

✔Carefully wash all listed items with clean water

✔Slice/cut them into small bit

✔Pour all sliced items into a blender and blend along with the ½litre of water

✔Sieve water from the blended items and put in a bottle or can to chill.

✔Have a glass of the solution in the morning and at night(Do this for at least 1week).

Please note that the solution is best taken chilled. Once taken, it will clear off those toxic remains from your system and you’ll pass them out as sweat or urine
After drinking from the solution for a minimum of 1 week, you will begin to notice a soft, smooth and glowing face and skin. Thereafter you can proceed to a skin specialist for recommendation of the best oil that will suite your skin type.
In any case, Coconut oil, olive oil, Shea butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, Avocado oil, etc, are examples of made oils which you can apply after successfully detoxifying your system for a soft, smooth, healthy and glowing face and skin.

Health is Wealth!
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