Some work has to be done in regards having a sharp memory for those that covet having a sharp mind. Sharp memory is commonly referred to as having the ability to recall most things. Hence, with good memory, one can remember a lot of things without stress and live an easier life. There are people with poor memories, these kind of people find it hard to recollect daily occurrences, places, contacts, information and for this reason, run into series of problems.

How To Boost One’s Memory

1. Eating Healthy Nutrients

Obviously, research studies have shown that by taking vitamins, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, one can easily improve the sharpness of one’s mind hence, developing a good memory. The fish oil, animal meat, walnuts and coconut oil help in boosting memory.

2. Meditation And Exercise

By engaging in exercises, it aids oxygen in flowing easily to the nerve cells and the brain while meditation helps to relax our muscles and brain. It also helps our brain to function properly.

3. Abandon Multitasking

Doing so many things simultaneously can affect our memory. It takes eight seconds for the brain to absorb a piece of information and change it into memory. Therefore, if one is talking on the phone, watching television and at the same time cutting vegetables, one may then find it hard to recollect anything seen on the television.

4. Sleep

By enjoying a good night’s rest or taking some time out for a quality nap, we can boost our memory and have a sharp mind. Good sleep is highly significant due to the fact that the brain cells, nerves and muscles relax when we sleep and boosts our memory.

5. Play games

It has been observed that by playing particular kinds of game that require intelligence, we can make our brains work quicker and boost our mode of thinking without stress. Below are some of the games that can help in improving our memory and sharpen our minds:

  • Chess

This game is old yet it is the best game that can help sharpen the mind. In this game, logic, intelligence and knowledge are required to play successfully.

  • Rubik’s cube

In this game, you need to match same colors on all sides of the cube. This game could be difficult, it requires focus and patience in order to win.

  • Sudoku

What a mathematical game with full intelligence! This game will surely boost your mode of thinking. It is one of the best instruments for brain and memory boosting.

  • Crossword puzzles

When you play this game, it will not only boost your vocabulary, it will as well enhance the learning of the new words.

  • Rummy

By playing rummy game, you need good luck, intelligence to predict the next cards your opponents are holding or want to play.

In conclusion, you do not need to stress yourself about how to boost your brain. With the steps explained above, the sky is the limit. All the above mentioned methods work like magic. Just apply them and within a short period of time, you will notice how sharp your memory has become.All of these methods work for both the young and old.

Health is Wealth!
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