Discussion Outline:

        1. What really is Asthma?

        2. Symptoms of Asthma.

        3. How to prevent Asthma.

What Really Is This Diseases Called ‘Asthma’?

Asthma is a Greek word meaning “the wind” or “the blow” it is also referred to as Bronchial Asthma this is a deadly Lung disease that affects the airways that moves air through the lungs, it becomes swollen and reddened and this makes the airway irritated and leads to an allergic reaction that makes it swollen and tightened so air doesn’t move to and fro in lungs sounds really deadly right? Asthma cannot be cured but it can be controlled it changes overtime.

Symptoms Of Asthma

1. Coughing Hard

This is one of the major signs of early asthma, coughing often times and uncontrollably especially at night.

2. Chest Tightness

Asthmatic patients also feels sever pain in the chest especially when coughing due to this infection.

3. Feeling Tired After Exercise

Tiredness after few rounds of jogging or exercises after few minutes is what asthmatic patients experiences often times.

4. Feeling Cold

Asthmatic patients feels cold when they ought not to, regardless of the weather condition. it’s weird but true due to this infection.

5. Difficulty Sleeping

Sleeping is also a problem for asthmatic patients especially at nights, they tend to roll from one side of the bed to another. Sleep becomes difficult and uneasy because the night is mostly accompanied with uncontrollable coughs.

How To Prevent Asthma

1. Identify The Triggers

For you to prevent this infection, you have to understand the symptoms of the infection. The cause will lead to the symptoms like coughing etc. so it is wise you know them. When you get to understand the symptoms, it will be easier to identify the cause, the basic symptoms are air pollution, allergies, and smoke.

 2. Make A Plan When To See Your Doctor

Make a weekly or monthly plan to see your doctor, this will help you track how severe your infection is, and give information about the medications you should take and what time to take them and regularly monitoring this infection gives you control over it.

 3. Avoid Smoking & Smoky Environments

Asthmatic patient are really allergic to smoke because it is one of the triggers to asthma attack, smoke blocks the airway to your lungs, so make sure you don’t inhale smoke. Also, do yourself some good and quit smoking just in case you’re fund of smoking cigarettes or weed.

4. Be Prepared

After diagnosis and you discover you are an asthmatic patient, then you have to be always prepared for an attack this is safer than hoping it doesn’t come, things like going around with your asthma inhalers and medication of any sort prescribed by your doctor is a good step to being ready for any attack.

The symptoms you experience might not be as the same experience with others, you might not have any of the symptoms listed in this Discussion yours might be different, some asthmatic patient may not have any of these symptoms for some period of time while others may have this symptoms every day so it varies, the best way to know if you’re an asthmatic patient is to SEE A DOCTOR as soon as possible. As stated earlier, there is no cure for asthma it all depends on how serious you are to preventing this infection.

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