Tooth decay can be a case receding gums, broken teeth, damaged fillings or tooth infection. Tooth decay leads to toothache. The pain can be very severe in areas like the jaws and all around the affected tooth. Mouth hygiene, oral care and the kinds of foods eaten all can lead to cavities or tooth decay if not properly monitored. We have to be conscious of our habits when it comes to dental care.

It is very important to note that malnutrition and absence of certain nutrients can cause the build up of tooth decay. This is why the need to consume minerals and nutrients cannot be under emphasized.

These Are 10 Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay;

Brush Daily With A Fluoride Toothpaste
It is advised for everyone to maintain a good habit of brushing the teeth twice a day in order to keep the mouth clean and have fresh breath. Always make sure to use a toothpaste which has fluoride as an ingredient.

Eat Calcium-rich Foods
Calcium is a vital ingredient which help to prevent tooth decay and toothache as a whole. It is very important for children. Cheese, almonds, broccoli, beans, lentils, canned salmon and yogurt are perfect sources of calcium.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake
It is known that sugar causes more harm to the body than good. As much as we crave sweet snacks and candies, we should reduce our intake of such. Artificial additives and sweeteners can also damage the gums. Sugary products and drinks like soda should be replaced by fruits which contains natural sugar.

Eat Whole Grain Foods
Whole grains help make the gums healthy by supplying the body with iron and vitamin B. In addition, whole grains have high fibre and magnesium also. They can be found in cereals, pasta, brown rice, millet, barley, oatmeal and popcorn.

Eat Foods High In Phosphorus
Phosphorus is a major nutrient which has to be incorporated into your diet. It is a mineral that help us have strong teeth and bones. Fish, chicken, pork, beef, beans and nuts are examples of certain foods that are rich in phosphorus.

Consume More Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Fat-soluble vitamins enable minerals to function in the right manner. These are vitamin A, D, E and K.  Carrot, liver, eggs, spinach,  beef, sunflower seeds, vegetable oil and butter are all sources of fat-soluble vitamins.

Eat Foods High In Fibre
Foods high in fibre help in the secretion of the salivary gland and helps build strong defense against tooth decay. Fruits and vegetables like melon, berries, orange, carrots and sweetcorn are known to have very high fibre compounds.

Floss Everyday
Flossing is the act if using a dental floss to clean between the teeth. A dental floss is more suitable than a toothpick. It is a cord which is made up of thin filaments. A dental floss is to be used at least once per day to remove food particles and plaque from between the teeth.

Change Your Toothbrush
Toothbrushes are not to be used for longer than three months. This is because a long used toothbrush begins to wear out. Dirt from the mouth may get stuck between the bristles too. For a more effective cleaning action, change your toothbrush when due.

Go For Dental Checkups
Majority of us do ignore the importance of visiting a dentist. This helps us get a professional to check our mouth for plaque, tartar and also monitor our oral health properly. We get to diagnose tooth decay early and take care of any gum problem.

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