It can be very difficult to believe that taking fruit combinations that are not compatible can cause illnesses. How?, Whenever we eat particular types of fruits together with other foods, the body undergoes chemical reactions and produce toxins that are very dangerous to the health. These toxins could result in sicknesses and diseases.

To prevent this occurrence is to pay proper attention to the different fruit combinations we eat. This simply implies that suitable combinations will help in promoting health as wrong combinations facilitate disease. Fruit/food incompatibility are categorized into the chemical and physical categories.

1. Chemical Incompatibility. 

In this kind of incompatibility, toxic elements are developed during the digestion process as a result of certain nutrients found in food and/or fruit combinations that are not compatible chemically with each other.

2. Physical Incompatibility

This incompatibility occurs when certain foods retard the digestion of others resulting in the mixture of both foods staying longer than required in the digestive tract which negatively impacts the stomach and intestines. For instance, combining acidic and farinaceous foods.

Fruits classification

It is very crucial to have a full understanding of the various groups of fruits as this will enable us make better fruit/food combinations.

Generally, fruits are classified into:

1. Acidic Fruits

These fruits are highly rich in acids but it is not all acidic fruits that contains citric acid, an example is pineapple. Examples of acidic fruits are grapefruits, oranges, lemons, strawberries, kiwis, tomatoes, mandarins and pineapples.

2. Low Acidic Fruits

The fruits in this category are acidic but the acid content isn’t as high as those in acidic fruits. Examples of low acidic fruits are mangoes, cherries, peaches, nectarines, pears, green apples, grapes, plums and apricots.

3. Sweet Fruits

The fruits in this category contain no acid. Examples are cherimoyas, ripe bananas, ripe mangoes, all dry fruits, figs and sweet grapes.

4. Neutral fruits

These set of fruits are highly rich in vitamins, proteins, oils and mineral salts. Examples are nuts, papayas and avocados.

Know Particular Fruits Mixtures

It is very easy to digest fresh fruits because they contain low quantities of protein, fat and starch but they have large quantity of enzymes, water and vitamins. All these are the features that make them easily absorb-able in the intestine. As a result of its quick absorption rate, fruits must not be consumed immediately after meals because they will settle on top of other foods in your stomach as it continues to ferment. The fermentation will then lead to poor digestion and toxin formation.

Nevertheless, it is suggested to consume fruits with other foods that have the same conditions of digestion.

Below are some helpful tips to follow when eating fruits so as to prevent any form of toxin formation.

1. Sweet Fruits

You can combine these with each other except with acidic fruits. Simply because the acid mixes with sugar, which in turn increases the amount of time the food spends in the intestine and thus, fermentation of toxins take place. Additionally, the glucose formation process is prolonged, hence, always ensure not to mix sweet fruits with the yogurt, seeds, cheese, nuts, beans, fish, eggs, red meat, coconut and chicken.

2. Low Acidic And Acidic Fruits

It is advisable not to combine acidic and low-acidic fruits with starch, sweet fruits and other food such as: bread, potatoes, corn, rice, cereals, cookies, wheat, lentils or pumpkin. But they can be combined with animal protein such as nuts, cheese, eggs, fish, chicken and red meat.

3. Neutral Fruits

Eating a combination of neutral fruits such as hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc together with sweet fruits always lead to indigestion which could be very dangerous to the liver. If the oils from neutral fruits mixes with sugar from sweet fruits, toxic compounds dangerous to the body cells will develop. So, it is good to mix neutral fruits with neutral fruits.

Fruits Combinations You Should Abstain From

1. Lemons And Papaya

It can cause hemoglobin problems which can also result to anemia

2. Dairy Products And Pineapples

This combination is quite toxic to organisms.

3. Carrots And Oranges

It could result to the liver malfunctioning. Also, it can boost bile production, increase production of harmful substances to the kidneys and cause heart burn.

General Recommendation On How To Eat Fruit

  • Ensure you take fruits before a meal and not after.
  • Abstain from juices from acidic fruits.
  • Fruit juice should be taken an hour prior to a meal and not immediately after the meal.
  • Avoid mixing vegetables and fruits together in the same meal
  • Mixing oranges with other fruits is harmful.
  • It is advisable to take citric fruits in the morning.
  • Sweet fruits can be taken any time of the day.
  • Do not eat unripe fruits.

If you want to make a tasty and nutritive fruit salad, combine fruits such as ripe mango, papaya, fresh cherries, nectarines, banana, peaches, red apple, dates, figs and pears.

In conclusion, most research studies have revealed that taking enough quantity of fruits, reduces the chances of contracting the most common severe diseases. Remember that ill-assorted or incompatible combination of fruits results in diseases and sickness.



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