I really pitied a female colleague, she went through hell until she finally found solution to her nagging pain, she was always restless back then. She always complained of pains in her breast, a lady that had yet to have a baby, is it not surprising? I often hear such from breastfeeding moms of having pains, mostly on the nipples, I wonder what could have caused that of the young lady. I later got to know the likely causes as time went on, all thanks to a detailed research.

Breast pain surely brings a lot of discomfort to affected persons, getting anything done will become an uphill task no matter how little such task might be. The pain tends to render affected persons useless and redundant as long as it lasts. According to researchers, breast pain can be naturally or self induced.

Gone are the days when you try to endure such manner of discomfort, don’t get caged by that breast pain, you can actually surmount it if you are determined to.

The pair of breast are special, so treat them right and be rid of any form of pain or discomfort.

6 Likely Causes Of Pain And Discomfort In The Breast

1. Menstrual Period

Some girls may be lucky not to experience any such pain while observing their monthly flow, while others may not be as lucky. One major reason why you probably continue to experience pain in such region may be due to your period. Without being told, you can approach your Doctor or competent Pharmacist and ask for pain killers, it will help ameliorate the problem

2. Hormones

Expect some discomfort when the hormones in the body undergo some level of changes, it might only be for a little time but do the needful by seeking medical attention if the pain persists. The female system is more likely to undergo several hormonal changes at regular intervals way more than males simply because of the special nature of their bodies

3. Fitted Bras

Clearly, this is one of the reasons why experts say breast pain can be self-induced. Why go for tight bras that can cause you pains when there are other brands that give you freedom and panache? Some ladies claim that tight bras hold the breast better and firmer but this is at some cost to the health because continuous exposure to pain can sometimes lead to loss of life.

4. Strenuous Jobs

There is also every possibility of women experiencing pain in their breasts as a result of engaging in strenuous jobs. Just as I opined earlier, the sensitive nature of the female body will most likely not allow it engage in certain tasks, it is advisable that if a female is to engage in any strenuous tasks, such should be done in bits to avoid such manner of discomforts.

5. Breast Feeding

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have included this because its most likely known to all but its special place prompted me to. Lactating mothers as they are sometimes referred to will surely experience some discomfort and pain while feeding the newborn. Aside the bite to the nipples, giving out such amount of milk can be tiring to some extent, more reason why we need to assist such mothers in whatever capacity we can, they are doing wonderful job(s)

6. Menopause

Researchers have revealed that there is every tendency of 2 out of 10 women who have gone past the child bearing stage to witness some pain in their breasts.

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