Habitual recipes from books on traditional medicine can be very dangerous not only for health, but also for life in general. Most of these books and recipes contains seeming efficacious reactions to the ailments and nourishments it portends to address. However, irrespective of this and its popularity, we must foresee the lurking health hazards that is waiting to sting.

In this exercise we will take the pain to review some of the most popular ones that we know about.

• Oil or urine for burns 

In addition to the pain and burn marks, terrible consequences can result from such remedies. Resuscitators and dermatologists are well aware of the “grandmother’s recipes”. With a burn, you first need to reduce the degree of burn, and such methods increase the severity of the burn. Urine infects a wound, the oil blocks access to oxygen. It is better to consult a doctor. Hold the affected area for 10 minutes under cool water. Open wounds should be washed with Chlorchexidine solution and apply a clean cloth dipped in cold boiled water.

Soda for Heartburn:

If you have heartburn, do you immediately remember about soda? After taking soda, the level of acid in the stomach decreases, and then it is produced even more. Gradually, the mucous membrane of the stomach is eroded by acid and inflamed, and the person becomes dependent on the intake of soda. With heartburn, food with an enveloping effect helps well: oatmeal, jelly, as well as medications prescribed by the doctor. Recently, there has been an active promotion of soda for weight loss. In such ways you will increase the level of acidity and earn gastritis.

Inhalation of boiled potatoes for colds

Remember this recipe: boil potatoes in a uniform, stretch, cover with a towel? And so you risk getting broncho or laryngism. We do not think that you would like to get burns of the respiratory tract, laryngeal edema, or spasms. At high temperatures, you risk losing consciousness, and with tracheitis, bronchitis, sore throat, laryngitis, sinusitis, frontalitis, it is generally forbidden to inhale – hot steam can aggravate the viral disease.


Urinotherapy is the application of human urine for medicinal or cosmetic purposes, including drinking of one’s own urine and massaging one’s skin, or gums, with one’s own urine.Generally, it has no official scientific evidence of its usefulness. It is used practically from everything: as contraception or, on the contrary, as a way to become pregnant, with various gynecological and urological diseases, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Urine removes biomaterials that it does not need from the body, it contains bacteria that can provoke a deterioration of well-being and poisoning.

Slimming tea

Most of these types of tea have a laxative and diuretic effect, and certainly not fat burning. As a result of regular use of slimming tea with a laxative effect, you risk getting dehydrated and disrupting the normal bowel movement. Slimming tea should not be drank by children, pregnant and lactating, adolescents and people with endocrine disorders, patients with diabetes, with impaired kidney and liver functions, as well as diseases of the stomach and intestines, people with allergies and cardiovascular diseases.

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