Prostate cancer is as serious as breast cancer which is very common among the female population. Just like cancer of the breast, the probabilities of surviving prostate cancer drastically improves if and only one takes advantage of regular screenings. It is unfortunate that most men are ignorant of this, thereby putting themselves in a very bad position against this deadly disease.

How It Happens

Are you familiar with the prostate? It is a walnut-shaped organ located in the reproductive system of males, a major symptom of tumorous growth occurs when the prostate becomes abnormally large. At this point, the cancer has developed greatly. It is advisable to get regular screenings in order to detect the cancer prior to it becoming life-threatening.

Up until this moment, there is no realistic proof for the cause of prostate cancer but naturopathic doctors admit that the major key to preventing it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take whole foods. Many people have succeeded in reversing the bad impacts of this disease by merging diet and changes in lifestyle together with traditional medicine.

What we understand so far about prostate cancer is that it is as a result of hereditary, hormonal and environmental factors. Androgens is regarded as a kind of hormone that plays a vital role in the development of this cancer. This hormone enhances the promotion of the tumorous development and in order to reduce this, androgen deprivation therapy which is referred to as ADT must be applied. The hormone replacement therapy is well known to be a choice for males who are experiencing imbalances.

Who Can Have Prostate Cancer?

This disease is very popular among men who are above 50 years of age most especially those of African descent. Also, close relatives to those who have been diagnosed of this cancer are at a high risk of having this disease. Research studies have shown that males who are African Americans are 2.5 times more likely to pass this hereditary history down to their offspring, relatives as opposed to the Caucasian males. In the United States of America, prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths recorded among the male population.

Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

It is very difficult to diagnose prostate cancer in its early stages without doctor’s screening. There are various ways by which one can identify prostate cancer and they include:

  • Digital scan
  • Using a blood test that measures PSA (prostate specific antigens). High levels of prostate specific antigens indicates an infected prostate which occurs as a result of cancer or inflammation.

Effect Of Vitamin D On Prostate Cancer

Survey samples have revealed that vitamin D has a positive effect on cancer of the prostate. Patients suffering from prostate cancer usually lack vitamin D while the healthy ones have enough levels of vitamin D and do not die from cancer of the prostate easily, these set of people also have less instances of building aggressive cancers.

The rightful dosage of vitamin D on a daily basis is less than 10,000 IV. You can as well get IV vitamin therapy from the alternative center for cancer treatment. Yet, there is no strong proof that the bonds between vitamin D and cancer of the prostate are dominant. Hence, more research studies are needed.

In summary, we can find receptors of vitamin D through the surface of our cells. If vitamin D is taken, it connects to the receptors. As soon as they are bound, the chemical signals are transmitted from vitamin D purposely to tell the cells what to do exactly whether to divide itself or die. These particular receptors are located in the prostate tissue hence, vitamin D connects to them as well. This is what is known to be the cause of death of cancerous cells or what prevents it from spreading to other parts of the body system. Also, it is the reason vitamin D is known to be helpful when it comes to combating cancer of the prostate. The cells of the prostate have the ability to turn inactive forms of vitamin D to being active. Most cancerous cells do not have this ability yet they possess receptors. This is the reason why vitamin D is used as a supplement to slow down the growth of cancerous cells.

How To Prevent Cancer Of The prostate

The place where the highest instances of cancer of the prostate has been recorded is in the United States because Americans do not have sunlight exposure. Most people these days spend most of their time working indoors whether at home or in the workplace. You can consult a naturopathic doctor concerning your diet and lifestyle changes which you can establish so as to reduce the risk of having cancer of the prostate. Do not forget to ask about your levels of vitamin D so as to know whether IV vitamin therapy is good for you.


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