1. Soursop (Annona muricate)

It is widely called Guanabana in most of the Spanish speaking countries. Soursop is a large, green, spiny and tropical fruits. The sweet flesh is used as the base for many beverages in addition to other sweet foods such as ice cream. It contains lots of fatty acid compounds known as acetogenins. This is a powerful fruit that is globally used in research studies most especially due to their possible use for retard or prevention of cancer growth. The fleshy part of this fruit chiefly offer carbohydrates and packed with sufficient doses of ascorbic acid, calcium, phosphorus, thiamine, riboflavin and one of the vitamin B such as niacin.

2. Kerson Fruit

The botanical name of kerson fruit is Muntingia calabura. It is a little red rotund fruit that has tart with cherry flavor. It is easily found in most of the tropical countries. Its benefit if not limited to meeting the eyes need but also contain most powerful antibacterial compounds. Kerson fruit is also referred to as Jamaican cherry, Panama berry and Singapore cherry. It is one of the fruits that is enriched with antibacterial properties. Other advantages of the fruit includes:

  • Aid easing gout pain
  • Lowering the levels of blood sugar
  • Enhance headaches relief and reduce fever
  • Good source of vitamin C
  • Strong antioxidant that is capable of eliminating colds and flu
  • Tea made from the leaves of this fruit enhance in the promoting of heart health.

3. Longan

The botanical name for Longan is Dimocarpus longan. It is also referred to as eye of dragon or mamoncillo chino or little brother of lychee. When it comes to its outlook and taste, it is highly rich in vitamins, minerals and some other various nutrients. Ever since its existence, it has been known to be very good in healing stomach aches most especially its fiber content. It also helps in boosting the immune system and eliminate sickness and different diseases. Due to its high vitamin B contents, it helps to boost the condition of nerves and aids in calming the nervous system. Another advantage of Longan is that they contain phenolic acids which is considered to be strong antioxidants.

4. Papaya (Carica papaya)

Papaya is an exotic fruit that is commonly found in the tropical countries. It is always sweet, vibrant, round, yellow or have orange color. It is used tropically as lotion when mashed. It is also good for healing wound, to prevent infection from burns, to relief constipation. The content of digestive enzymes is very high and so-called papain. This helps to promote constant movement and boosts the digestive system. In order to eliminate the heart diseases, the high content of potassium and levels of fiber enhances the reduction of heart disease risk.

5. Watermelon

Almost 92 percent of the contents in watermelon is water but every bite of this sweet tasting fruit is refreshing and offer numerous health advantages. Watermelon is naturally known as natural diuretic and has been proven to enhance the toxin removal in the body. Citrulline component of watermelons help to reduce the piling up of fat in the cells. Since it is very rich in beta-carotene, the fruit protect our body against macular degeneration. It also helps to prevent night blindness. The vitamin A content in this fruit helps to maintain healthy teeth, mucus membranes, skin and as well as skeletal and soft tissues.

Apart from the five fruits mentioned above, others include Purple Mangosteen, Durian, Pomegranate, Mango, Apple, Banana and Grapes.

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