[email protected]@tion is the stimulation of an individual’s genitals for [email protected] pleasure, which may or may not lead to orgasm.  [email protected]@tion, also known as self pleasure is practiced by both the male and the female folk, and it plays a role in healthy [email protected] development. Some people [email protected]@te with their partners while others [email protected]@te alone.

There are lots of reasons people [email protected]@te and they are for pleasure and tension release among others.

[email protected]@tion no matter the angle it is viewed from has its physical and mental health benefits. Some of its numerous health benefits are:

  1. Stress reduction
  2. It Improves the quality of sleep
  3. Improve s3x
  4. It reduces [email protected] tension
  5. It relieves menstrual cramps
  6. It alleviates pain
  7. It alleviates the mood
  8. It boost concentration
  9. It reduces the chances of unwanted pregnancy
  10. It prevent [email protected] transmitted diseases and infections
  11. Less vaginal dryness
  12. Reduced pain during s3x

The act of [email protected]@tion helps you discover your body and what stimulates you, it helps to relieve stress, and it even improves one’s relationship with their partner.

However, despite its numerous advantages, moderation is the watch word. Too much [email protected]@tion can make it difficult to reach orgasm during s3x because the body is already used to the stimulation of certain places which may be neglected during [email protected] intercourse with a partner.

In addition, self pleasure ([email protected]@tion) can become an addiction and if the self stimulation is too intense, it may lead to increased sensitivity, which will make s3x painful for a moment during [email protected] intercourse with a partner.

However, many are tormented by doubts about [email protected]@tion been harmless to their health and whether it affects menstrual cycle regularity in the female folk. But the truth is that, fears regarding self stimulation ([email protected]@tion) are groundless and baseless. Conversely, health experts emphasize on its positive aspects which are numerous, for example, the chance to:

  1. Have a better knowledge of your own body
  2. Boost your mood due to the release of endorphins (a substance in the brain that attaches to the same cell receptors that morphine does. Endorphins are released when severe injury occurs, often abolishing all sensation of pain).
  3. It makes you more confident and aware of your [email protected] response hence, improving your s3x life.

Obviously, [email protected]@tion is safe and good for the health, and it helps one to relieve both [email protected] and emotional tension. Contrary to myths, self pleasure ([email protected]@tion) does not lead to blindness or cause infertility as many people presume based on ignorance, on the contrary, it aids in enjoying quality sleep and helps to defeat depression and irritability.

One cannot get pregnant via [email protected]@tion or contract [email protected] transmitted diseases or infections that is commonly spread through [email protected] intercourse, except when someone else’s s3x toy is used for pleasure or when one comes in contact with the genitals of another person. Infections are spread through seminal and vaginal fluids from infected partners. In as much as [email protected]@tion does not cause you discomfort, affect or interfere in any negative way with your daily life, it is absolutely harmless.

Health is Wealth!
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