Vagina odour is the emission of foul smell from the vagina, which can be likened to the terrible stench from a decayed fish or something worse, especially during or after sexual intercourse.

Although the vagina naturally has its own smell, when it smells beyond normal it becomes something to worry about. A lot of ladies are Suffering and dying in silence due to vagina odour. Understandably, though this predicament is something to be shy about, it also gives the individual cause for concern.

The causes of vagina odour includes, but not limited to:
i. lack of proper hygiene after each menstrual circle,
ii. unkempt hair growth around the vagina,
iii. sweating, and
iv. improper diet.

There is no gainsaying to mention that vagina odour has caused lot of damages to relationships, as men who love hygiene generally have turn off for ladies whose “down below” stench profusely.

More so, vaginal odour reduces a woman’s esteem in herself and releases it’s victim to psychological trauma and depression. This stench in body hygiene also has a way of defining how ladies relate with the opposite sex. An expression of aloofness is always noticed among those with vagina odour, which is often mistaken for chastity and principle.

Worse yet, vagina odour tells how much a lady takes personal hygiene seriously. It is a proof of how beautiful a woman is, beyond the surface of facial beauty and admirable dress sense. This is because the best form of purity is that which is expressed inside out and not the reverse.

Thus a simple hygiene taken up as a routine will dot an end to vagina odour. Materials needed for this self hygienic practice include:

i. A big paint bucket,
ii. 100 degree celsius hot water, and
iii. 2 clean towel.
iv. salt or dettol

✔After each menstrual circle boil a kettle full of water.
✔ Pour hot water into a big paint bucket, add salt or dettol and immediately sit on the bucket for at least 15minutes.
✔Cover laps with towel to allow water vapour infiltrate and sanitize the genitals.
✔Dry yourself with the reserved towel
✔Repeat this simple hygienic practice after each menstrual circle(or in a space of two weeks) for a very good result.

Other means of curbing vagina odour include, wearing of cotton underwear rather than the lace or nylon types, Ensuring underwear are exposed to sunlight after washing, Eating healthy and consuming a lot of yogurt, which could help balance the Vagina PH level. The vagina PH can be altered and helpful bacteria around the vagina can be affected when latherable soaps and antiseptics with high fragrance are used for it’s cleansing. This can expose the individual to risks of contacting infections, itching and irritations. To this end, plain soaps with very minimal or no lather or fragrance is advised for use in your daily cleansing and caring for the vagina.

Summarily, it is ideal for a lady to be beautiful outwardly but the real beauty of a woman lies on the inside. The untold story about most break ups in relationships and marriages revolve around vagina odour. But most gentlemen tend to hide under pretext to call it quit, by way of saving their ex from shame. If you have been a direct or an indirect victim of vagina odour, then this article should be adopted in practice as this will serve as a lasting solution to the problem that has humbled you over time.

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