The kidney is a pair of bean-like organ in the human body, which serves as filtration carnal, of blood and water. The kidney helps to remove waste from the blood as well as produce urine from excess water present in the body. The functions of the kidney also includes the release of hormones such as erythropoietin marked for stimulating the marrow of bones for production of red blood cells; renin-responsible for regulating blood pressure; calcitriol–special for the maintenance of calcium in the body for the proper functioning of bones and to regulate chemical balance.

Although the human body originally has 2kidneys, it is very important to care for the kidney as kidney failure could be very fatal to handle and expensive to cure.

Curing kidney dysfunction can amount to spending millions of naira in treating adverse health conditions as alport syndrome, diabetic nephropathy, minimal change disease, kidney stones, fabry disease, IGA, Focal segmental Glumerulosclerosis, Glumerulonephritis, et cetera. In a case where the kidney stops working as it ought to, dialysis, which is also called RRT(Renal Replacement Therapy) becomes an option. But this option is usually very expensive.
However, as prevention is always better and cheaper than cure, we at have put together an effective preventive measure to forestall the aforementioned health complications in the human body resulting from kidney dysfunction.

Materials Needed
1) Garden Egg Leaves
2) A bowl of clean water
3) A clean pot
4) Heat/fire
5) Sieve/filter

1. Carefully cut or slice garden egg leaves into tiny pieces.

2. Rinse in clean water.

3. Put the leaves in a clean pot of water

4. Boil for 10mins.

5. Filter water from boiled leaf

6Allow filtered water to cool a bit

7. Pour filtered water into a clean bottle

8. Take a glass of the solution in the morning and and one in the evening(before or after meal)

After consuming the solution for a period, you will excrete the waste from your kidney, especially through urine. The solution will also help to flush out other sicknesses that are associated with the kidney, but are not yet full blown.
While we go about our daily activities, we often forget to take proper care of our bodies. We only get reminded of the fact that our bodies needs care when we get knocked down by one form of sickness or the other. Kidney dysfunction is a very serious case we must not take for granted. Extreme care must therefore be given to the kidney to prevent dialysis, which is by far more expensive than the prescription given in this article.

Health is Wealth!
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