Stroke as a disease may be described as an attack on the brain, which occurs due to an alteration of blood flow to a given part of the brain leading to shortage of oxygen in brain cells and the eventual death of cells. The effect of stroke on an individual is largely dependent on the area affected as well as the extent to which damage is caused in cells. Whereas 1/3 of stroke victims recover completely from the ailment and resume their normal living, 2/3 live with the ailment and may die with it.

But, before contemplating living or dying with the consequences of  stroke, it is best we identify the symptoms of stroke so as to combat it’s occurrence and prevent the disease from affecting its victim on a full blown scale. Since prevention is always better and cheaper than cure, the symptoms of  stroke are thus listed to include:

i. Weakness of parts of the body such as face, legs and arms. This usually affects one part of the body as against the whole.

ii. Difficulty in speaking fluently as well as comprehension challenges

iii. Impaired vision of either or both eyes

iv. Occasional feeling of unconsciousness, which usually comes after severe headache is experienced

v. Constant feeling of dizziness

vi. Loss of rigidity or balance, which affects upright and coordinated movement. This is caused by stiffened or weak muscles resulting from paralysis

vii. Poor response to stimuli or loss of sense of touch, etc.

Having known the common symptoms of stroke, it is therefore important to undertake measures that will help prevent or strike stroke from your life. The following are helpful measures to help prevent stroke disease.

i. Guide against increase in blood pressure by limiting your intake of salt or any substance with excess quantity of sodium; eat more foods rich in potassium; reduce your intake of caffeine, etc

ii. Take up exercise as routine to keep blood flowing properly and your muscle strong

iii. Cut down your drinking habit.

iv. Avoid eating excess sugar to guide against diabetes. Diabetes and stroke share the same umbilical cord

v. Avoid smoking. Chronic tobacco smokers are bound to suffer from blood thickening which prevents blood from flowing freely and may result in a stroke, as oxygen falls short of supply.

vi. Watch out for contraction of muscle of the heart, otherwise know as atrial fibrillation and seek medical attention immediately.

With the above preventive measures in mind, readers are armed on how to strike off stroke disease from their life for a health and happy living.

Health is Wealth!
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