Stress And Emotional Balance

Everyday, it seems we hear stories about panic disorders, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, road rage and suicide. Regarding women, we hear about premenstrual syndrome. For men, it’s mostly rage, anger and stress disorders. For children, we hear brokenhearted  and countless cases of behavioral problems, learning disorders, anxiety. When it comes to the elderly, it’s dementia which is a serious mental disorder that affects the ability to think, remember and behave normally.

We’ve all heard the records; what would cause a child to become so delusional, he would take weapons to school? What would cause a man so enraged that he would run into another driver off the road? What would cause a mother to leave her child in a broiling vehicle for hours? What would cause an individual not to hear the honk of a speeding car while crossing the road.

We’ve all heard different responses like; “I wasn’t thinking clearly ” “I was angry” “I was lost”. Could these mental problems be caused by the food we eat? I submit to you, there is a body-mind connection between what we eat and our emotional stability. Think about it, on a more simple level, think about the times you’ve felt down and you ate something to make yourself better. On an important level, each thing you eat or drink affects how your brain neurotransmitters are balanced, that is, the way messages that carry out action in the body are being transferred from the brain to other body parts that will perform the action.

Unhealthy sugar based carbohydrate and accumulation of partly digested proteins can lead the mind to an altered or depressive state, that means providing the body with high quality fuel will help assure proper function. An unhealthy body is home to an unhealthy mind.

Some people claim to be resistant to the effects of unhealthy food they put in their body but you should know that the brain is a defenseless organ and depends on the quality of it’s fuel to perform accurately. As a matter of fact the brain can’t store energy, it survives only a few minutes without oxygen and it quickly decays under unfavorable conditions, it is the first organ affected by a bad diet.


The Causes of Emotional Stress

If you’ve been suffering from severe and persistent illness or disease it may be difficult for you to get through the day without feeling hopeless, depressed, angry, anxious and in some cases suicidal. Being sick keeps a person from thinking positively about life and their ability to heal themselves is hindered. In some societies, doctors and families won’t tell a person when they’re terminally ill, because they believe the patient will give up hope, thereby  shortening the time they have left.

Finding the Balance

      Sleep-  A healthy diet will regulate chemical levels in your brain so you can fall asleep faster and rest more fully throughout the night, when you wake up in the morning you feel better.

      Break-fast-  Remember, it’s  quality not quantity that counts. A serving of barley max in the Morning. It has every single thing you need to start your engines.

      Environment- When you leave the house and get into the  car remember you are sitting in one of the two things; a basic mode of transportation and a harbinger or destruction and you get to decide which one of the two it will be each time you start the engine. Make sure everyone is buckled up and spend your commute time thinking  about positive things, don’t drive your car too fast.

      Avoid Addictions- Avoid toxic substances, drugs, smokes and alcohol because they are created to be addictive and deadly. Always remember to eat healthy lunch mostly fruits.

      Positive Attitude- Avoid at all cost negative and destructive thinking.

Health is Wealth!
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