Many people don’t really understand the calamitous nature of depression. A lot of people see depression as a situation that is synonymous to mere sadness, but the truth is that chronic depression kills faster than AIDS. Negligence towards people suffering from the venom of depression has led to the eruption of numerous catastrophes. This is more or less the reason why we urgently need to impose a mega magnitude of concern on the “Issue Of Depression”. It’s no longer news that people are dying everyday as a result of this psychological malady.

As a normal person, you may not know what victims of depression pass through on daily basis. People who are depressed have little or no access to reality. They only believe the lies their unstable brain tells them. They feel dejected, isolated, guilty, worthless and empty. Some may even prefer dying than living. I feel baffled anytime I see ignorant folks castigating victims of depression. It’s truly not their fault anyways.

The question is; How can we curb the issue of depression?

There are various causes of depression. Death or loss, financial setbacks, heartbreak, chronic diseases and other several issues could lead to depression. Tracing the root cause of someone’s ailment helps in curbing such ailment by identifying why the person around you is depressed.

If it’s as a result of financial challenge, inject hope into the person’s nervous system. Tell him/her interesting stories that relate to HOPE. Make him/her understand it’s just a temporal challenge. Let him/her feel she can make it. Your show of deep concern would make him/her feel supported and cherished. Even if you can’t afford consulting a psychologist, try everything humanly possible to ensure he/she is totally free from depression. You can seek support on his/her behalf.

Let’s also learn to be conscious of the health condition of people around us. If you’re caring, you’ll definitely know when someone around you is sick or healthy. If the depression has to do with heartbreak or any emotional trauma, make the victim understand the fact that life is full of ups and downs. Let the person know that dying is not the best option. Epitomize genuine love towards the person, make him/her feel very important. Treat him/her like a queen/king. Make the person believe the world would be incomplete in his/her absence. Give the person numerous reasons why he/she deserves to live. Check on him/her constantly.

If the level of depression is severe, don’t hesitate to consult a professional doctor or psychiatrist. Let’s learn to prioritize the lives of people around us. The truth is that a lot of people will be saved from the bondage of depression if only we can sincerely extend our attitude of caring beyond social media. We exhibit the attributes of Angels online but we behave like beasts offline. We can collectively combat the calamity called depression if we genuinely put on the real amour of love and care.


A single word of encouragement could save a life. A single show of concern can go a long way. Few minutes of phone call can help. A mere visitation can revive a soul. An outing could help too. Underrated sacrifices are very powerful. A single click on the share button could also go a long way. Together we can make planet Earth a better place.


Health is Wealth!
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