Medical advancement is expanding in leaps and bounds as today medical experts, apart from the laboratory deductions and other examinations, patients can be examined simply by a studios look at their physiognomy and how it takes its structure on the bodies of individuals to ascertain possible health indications. It is, and is fastly caving into a very strong determinant to ascertain the vulnerability of individuals towards certain health problems.

The effort of this article is narrowed towards ascertaining what are the behaviour of women with different shapes of buttocks, and how does people with a particular shape of buttocks easily inclined to a particular behavior and health conditions; the likely health challenges they are prone to and recommendations on how to wrest the health impasse in the eventuality of its occurrence.

An important physiological part is the proper distribution of body fat in the body. For example, this depends on the risk of diabetes, heart attack in adulthood, etc.

The shape of the female buttocks can be one of the following types:

The so-called form “square”, or the letter “H”. 

When fat is distributed in the correct geometric shape.

Some people like this form, but others do not. But, nevertheless, the fact is noticed that owners of such buttocks shape often have excellent health and a high degree of endurance.

If you have this type of buttocks structure and you want to round it up a little, try doing leg exercises on your side. You can also perform simple leg raises, bends and stretching.

The “inverted triangle” (v-shape) is common in women with low estrogen levels.

In adult women, deficiency of this hormone can cause drastic mood swings, insomnia, irregular periods, decreased libido, and general weakness. Women with this form should eat well and also lean on vegetables and fruits. They should refrain from taking hormonal contraceptives. With regard to sports, you need to do exercises to add muscle mass in the lower part of the buttocks – squat with dumbbells in your hands or do stretching, which is used by ballet dancers. In general, this form is a consequence of genetics. So exercise helps a little.

The shape of the pear is characterized by a significant concentration of fat around the hips.

When fat is stored not so much on the thighs as around them, this is a sign that you will begin to have problems with estrogen deficiency in adulthood. Fat can accumulate in the lower abdomen. To remedy the situation, you need to eat well, do different types of squats, sign up for Pilates.

The shape of the letter “o” is when fat is evenly distributed around the buttocks.

From the point of view of medicine, this is ideal. This means that hormonal balance is perfectly balanced. By the way, 95% of men prefer this option. And the fact that women with this shape of the hips are usually born smart and healthy children, and the birth is easier.

To make your ass more voluminous is also possible. Do squats, “bridge” and “Bulgarian split”.


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