Research shows that discussions on weight loss is prominent among women than we find in the quarters of men. This is just as true as the fact that there are more bulky ladies than men in our neighbourhoods today. One may begin to wonder what the reason behind this revelation is. One may also wonder Why ladies feel more concerned about weight loss than their male counterpart. The answer to the puzzling revelations above are contained in succeeding paragraphs.

There is a standing belief, especially in traditional circles, that a woman should be younger than her husband. This guiding belief has set the standard of how ladies ought to look before getting married. One traditional way to quickly tell the age of a lady without asking is by her looks, which includes her weight. To this end, fat ladies often look older than their age. In order to save bulky ladies from being assumed older than their betrothed, women resort to weight loss modalities.

Women tend to gain extra pounds when married and after child birth. The cause of which, according to the Journal for Women’s Health Issues, is not  connected to extra marital commitments which drives sleep away from the eyes of most married women. Lack of sleep always goes with an increased appetite for food and when food(especially fatty foods) are consumed excessively without much activities to control excess fat in the body, it results in weight gain. To forestall this, ladies seek ways to lose weight at the slightest increase in their pounds.

There is another believe that the body of a woman expands during pregnancy and after child birth. It is believed that more pounds are gained during pregnancy, part of which remains as leftover after child birth. Little wonder most women become almost double their original size after child delivery. Having this in mind, ladies take up weight loss seriously in order to maintain their shape, look good, beautiful and young.

Ladies always want to look sweet. They can go extra mile to maintain their shape and remain ever young and beautiful in the eyes of their lovers. No lady can stand the pain of losing her man to a fellow woman. She would rather prefer to lose her excess weight than lose her man due to altered shape. This is because the pride of a woman is her husband. For this reason, women seek ways to up their looks with a view to keeping their man and by extension saving their homes from intruder(s).

Again, the skin of women tend to age quicker than that of men. This becomes easy to notice when a woman approaches menopause(usually from age 45) and begins to lose estrogen which functions as anti aging hormone in women. The situation is usually worse for fat ladies with extra flesh, as their skin easily turn pale and uncomely. It would be best if fat ladies take up weight loss seriously and early enough to save them from having pale and unattractive skin sooner than expected.

Above all, while change and bodily transformation is constant for every human, it is proper to take good care of oneself to make for healthy living. The consequences of allowing excess fat store up in the body unabated outweighs the benefits of accumulating more and more fat(if any); for beauty in women goes beyond applying cosmetics on the face and elsewhere. It also involves keeping fit and staying healthy At all times.

Health is Wealth!
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