Unripe Pawpaw For Ulcer Treatments

The Pawpaw tree (Asimina triloba) is a common fruit popularly grown in the Eastern United States and other parts of the world. It is more known botanically as Carica papaya in most parts of the world. Carica papaya contains plenty minerals and chemicals such as Flavonoids and Carotenoids. It is believed that pawpaw has a lot of nutritional and health benefits to human.. Pawpaw is an edible and delicious fruit which can be eaten in its unripe stage or when ripe depending on how you like it. Meanwhile, some people like eating pawpaw at its unripe stage while some prefers it when it’s ripe. But either ways, both are nutritional to the body and health in general.

Often times, people tend to neglect the advantages of fruits and its benefits. Although, a lot of people do not know how important and nutritional fruits are to human, health and the body. In this piece of article, i would like to elaborate more on the usefulness and health benefits of consuming unripe pawpaw herb for the treatment of ULCER. A lot of ulcer patients spends a lot of money in the treatment of ulcer but couldn’t arrive at getting a reasonable satisfactory result which is Cure.

Some of the health benefits of Unripe pawpaw includes; It eases digestions, it lowers inflammation, it prevents constipation, it can also prevent heart diseases, it reduces complications from diabetes and atherosclerosis, it aids the immune system. Etc

What Is Ulcer ? And Is It Curable ?

Stomach Ulcer, scientifically known as Gastric Ulcers are discomfort and painful wounds in the stomach lining. Stomach ulcer occurs as a result of reduced thick layers of the mucus protecting the stomach from digestive juices thereby causing pains from the inside of the intestine. Stomach ulcer is curable only if treated before it becomes severe.

How Unripe Pawpaw Is Prepared Steps By Steps

1. Get unripe pawpaw (the ones with green pods) and wash it.

2. Do not peel the pawpaw pods and do not remove the seeds.

3. After washing the outside, slice the pawpaw without peeling it into small pieces (sugar cubes like).

4. Pour all the sliced pieces of the unripe pawpaw into a clean container then fill the container with water. NOTE: The water level and the sliced pawpaw must be at equilibrium.

5. Leave the pawpaw in the water for four good days. Let’s say you soaked the unripe pawpaw on Sunday, start counting from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be the fourth day.

6. On the Fourth day, the soaked water from the unripe pawpaw turns whitish like fine palm-wine. Gently sieve the water and throw away the pawpaw and all its seeds particles. Boom! the water becomes your cure for Ulcer.


Drink half a glass of the pawpaw water daily (Morning, afternoon and evening). Repeat it again and again then continuously. Within a short period of time you will start feeling relieved of those ulcer pains because it will heal the wounds that are causing pains from the inside.

Continue drinking the pawpaw water, remember (half a glass 3 times per day) continue for weeks so you can get a satisfactory result and permanent cure for ulcer but do not stop taking the pawpaw water until you stop feeling pains from the inside. Some people may continue the medication for months depending on how severe the ulcer is. This home made remedy isn’t a relieve but Permanent Cure.

Health is Wealth!
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