Certain people believe that we eat tomatoes or use as an ingredient in cooking just to make the food mild and also to give the food a good taste. Just of recent, more light was shed on tomatoes to enable us become aware of the authentic reasons why everyone needs to eat tomatoes.

Are you one of those that hold unto the outdated and common place reasons for eating tomatoes? Then, find below seven reasons and benefits of eating tomatoes.

1. Prevention Of Cancer

Even though, it is not all cancers that eating tomatoes can help prevent, tomatoes can work perfectly in the prevention of breast, prostate, colorectal and stomach cancer. How so?, it is as a result of the presence of zeaxanthin, lutein and high level of lycopene in tomatoes, all of which are natural antioxidant which are capable of combating the cancer causing cells.

2. Good For The Heart

Tomatoes help in lowering the blood pressure levels as well as minimize the cholesterol levels due to the fact that it contains both vitamin B and potassium. Also, it aids in the prevention of life-threatening cardiovascular issues such as stroke and high blood pressure commonly referred to as hypertension and heart attack.

3. Improvement Of Vision

Lutein, zeaxanthin and lycopene helps in the prevention of macular degeneration. Lutein and zeaxanthin are the only carotenoids found in the lens and retina of our eyes. Aside filtering light, these two carotenoids aid the removal of rays which can damage our eye tissues and any diseases related to the eyes. The good news is that all the three carotenoids (zeaxanthin, lutein and lycopene) are found in tomatoes. This is one of the reasons why it is very essential to eat tomatoes at all times.

4. Combat Inflammation

Kaempferol and quercetin are the two primary flavonoids found in the skin of tomatoes which are capable of fighting inflammation.

5. Tomatoes Make The Hair Much Healthier

The texture and outlook of our hair can be boosted by drinking tomato juice. This juice revitalizes the growth and energizes the tufts of our hair.

6. Boosts Fat Burning Capability

Carnitine is regarded as an amino acid that is capable of increasing the ability of the body to burn fat by 30 percent. By eating tomato, we are as well stimulating the production of carnitine in our body.

7. Combat Constipation

Eating foods that have high water and fibre content such as tomatoes, makes the bowel movement much more easier, the body becomes well hydrated which is an advantage as it fights against constipation. Tomatoes have high water and fibre content and it’s nutritional composition includes;

  • Omega-6 (0.08g)
  • Omega-3 (0g)
  • Polyunsaturated (0.08g)
  • Monounsaturated (0.03g)
  • Sugar (2.6g)
  • Carbs (3.9g)
  • Saturated (0.03g)
  • Fat (0.2g)
  • Fiber (1.2g)
  • Protein (0.9g)
  • Water (95%)
  • Calories (18)

From the above, we can see the reasons why we must add tomatoes to our daily diet? We can as well eat it on a daily basis. Raw fruits work faster than cooked or baked ones, the reason is that the nutrients still remain intact. There are lots of benefits attached to tomatoes which we all must benefit from. Give it a try today and enjoy the anti-aging prowess and cancer prevention abilities tomatoes possess.


Health is Wealth!
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