Food is a necessary component of our lives, it sustains us and enables us stay alive. It is taken in various forms to serve varying purposes including sustenance and satisfaction among others. Even though it is taken at different times of the day, the importance of taking this important life support at the morning hours of the day, notably referred to as breakfast, is worth considering. This is because, if taken adequately, breakfast goes a long way in determining the healthy kind of life we seek.

Breakfast is the food that is taken in the morning after a long night time of rest and sleep. Due to the length of time of abstinence from food, both the food that is consumed and the time it is consumed is of immense importance. To understand this better, let’s have a brief look at how the body works.

The body is built in such a way that it constitutes various cells, about 100 billion of them in number. These cells are the basic unit of life. This means they are very important for our survival. If they are not functioning well, we could die. Among what they do, they produce the substance that regulates excess sugar in our blood called insulin, they produce even the saliva in our mouth that helps us when we eat. The blood in our bodies are a product of the work of cells. These and many more are functions carried out by the cells to keep our body functioning well and healthy.

But for this to happen, the cells make use of nutrients. The nutrients needed by these cells are gotten from the food we eat. So if quality food is consumed by us, then quality nutrients will be made available for our cells to do quality work, which ultimately translates to better well-being. In other words, the type and quantity of food we eat determine the type and amount of nutrient that is supplied to the cells to work and keep us healthy.

Interestingly, the nutrients gotten from the food we eat during the day and at dinner, are used up during the long night time of rest and sleep. So in the morning, about 100 billion cells are practically in need of their own food (nutrients) to begin the work of keeping us alive and healthy for the day. At this point, the act of skipping breakfast is certainly not the best, for the simple reason that the cells needs nutrients from the food we eat to work and keep us healthy.

If they don’t get them, what happens? They simply resort to other means available to help themselves. These other means includes attacking other organs and tissues of the body including the bones to get some of the nutrients. When they do this, they certainly do not leave us healthy. For instance, they can harvest calcium from the bone resulting in what is referred to as Osteoporosis (loss of the bone tissue). These effects don’t occur instantly but slowly over time with consequences that are otherwise preventable. This is one reason why skipping breakfast does more harm than good.

The type of food taken at breakfast on the other hand, is an important thing to consider. This is because it equally affects our well being. Light breakfast are usually taken in other to meet up with a busy schedule. Some of these fast foods are for the most part, carbohydrates which alone, do not make breakfasts of much nutritional value. Sure they will make use of what is provided but will certainly not provide the required result. Rather, they may give us the contrary in addition. Converting the carbohydrates to sugar, thereby increasing calories and storage of fats, triggering increase in weight and so on.

It is obvious that while food is important, how we go about having our breakfast can cost us our health and ultimate well being. When next we think of break fast, we should do so in the light of taking it early enough, even before the cells require it, and rich enough to supply the relevant nutrients required by the cells for our optimum health and well being.

Health is Wealth!
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