Alcohol is any liquor made from fermentation of sugar or materials with sugary content, which has the capacity to intoxicate when consumed beyond measure. Alcohol naturally lacks that sweet taste due to the fermentation of sugar, the bitterness is only reduced if left for a while. Moreover, the addition of some sweetening agents helps to improve the taste of alcohol for that extra satisfaction desired.

Irrespective of how alcohol tastes, there are people who can not do without gulping a cup of alcoholic drink daily. To them, alcohol is like oxygen without which life means death.

Alcohol serves more advanced and social purposes aside satisfying the thirst of addicts.

i. It is good for entertaining guests, especially in the traditional African clime

ii. Different brands of alcoholic drinks helps to spice up events like birthdays, wedding and burial ceremonies

iii. Alcohol is also used for beseeching deities

iv. It is a key constituent in alcoholic beverages and other strong drinks

v. It serves as fuel when mixed with gasoline

vi. Serves as agent of food preservation and storage, et cetera.

Despite the importance of alcohol as outlined above, it is pertinent to apply caution when consuming it directly due to its chemical properties and how it affects some delicate parts of the body. A simple practical carried out by you should convince you that excessive intake of alcoholic drinks could translate into applying for early admission into oblivion.

i. A glass of alcohol
ii. A can or squirm of worm
iii. An empty bowl

i. Pour the can of live worms into an empty bowl
ii. Drop the bowl of worms under the sun
ii. Empty your glass of alcohol into the same bowl
iii. Watch the reaction of the worms as alcohol is poured on them.
iii. Allow worms to stay in the bowl of alcohol for some hours
iv. Bring worms out.

Worms will react uncontrollably and violently as soon as alcohol is poured on them. This is because ethanol or alcohol is an organic compound capable of burning materials and organisms. After a while, worms will cut into pieces signaling the end of their life.

Comparatively, when an individual lives on alcohol without having sufficient food and water to serve as coolant, his intestines are exposed to great risk. It could result in such complications as:
i. Chronic stomach ulcer
ii. Expansion and tearing off of veins in the esophagus which leads to bleeding
iii. Liver diseases
iv. Heart burn
v. Inflammation of stomach lining
vi. Death, if not properly managed.

This article does not in any way question the traditional, ceremonial, religious or personal use and consumption of alcohol. Rather it should be appreciated as an health advice, especially by those who usually drink to stupor and get intoxicated thereafter constituting public nuisance. It is best to eat good food and drink plenty of water in order to stay alive, healthy and strong.

Health is Wealth!
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