Yoga has been around for about 5 Thousand years. It was more like a way of life to some people back then while others took it as a form of religion.
Over the years, Yoga has however evolved as an exercise that has been termed “Modern Yoga”. This form of exercise unlike others greatly involve the mind and the body.
Common practices in Yoga involves meditation, different body posturing and breath regulating techniques.

Yoga is designed for everyone and you get to choose from the different types of yoga exercises .

Benefits of Yoga To The Health

1.Yoga helps improves Strength

Yoga as an exercise helps improve both physical and immune strength. It helps boost the immune system and helps it fight against any foreign material that might cause harm to your system.

2.Yoga aids body flexibility

One of the well known benefits of Yoga is body flexibility. Yoga exercises helps improve body flexibility as it loosens up your joints.This can help relax pain and weakness in your joint and it also makes you agile and active.

3.Yoga Corrects Body Postures and Gives Balance

This exercise has been employed as a tool for posture correcting and balance due to the different body postures attained during Yoga exercise.
Gradually, you will definitely see your body posture and balance correcting as you get involve in Yoga.

4. Yoga helps deal with Stress and emotional problems

Are you passing through stress, pain, anxiety, tension or pressure? If yes, then i think it is high time You tried Yoga!!!.
Yoga uses breath control techniques and meditation to relax the body and body relaxation helps in dealing with stress and emotional situations.

5.Yoga also helps effective blood circulation around the body

As an exercise, Yoga greatly improves the flow of blood through the body as it makes your heart healthy.

6.Yoga is also a source of happiness and it serves as a motivation to you

Happiness is a sign of good health and you can get this happiness from Yoga because you will definitely get the result you will love !!!.
Imagine being able to attain postures you weren’t able to attain before , deal with stress, and having a healthy immune system, How will you feel?… Yeah!!!, you will feel happy and satisfied and this also will serve as an encouragement that you can do better and hereby helps boost your self esteem.

Now you know what Yoga is all about. Take this step today by Joining a Yoga class and start living healthy.

By: Jayprexy

Health is Wealth!
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